More women in England getting screened for breast cancer
January 31, 2020 -- The number of women screened through the National Health Service (NHS) Breast Screening Programme in England in 2018-2019 increased by 4.5% compared with the previous year, according to a report published on 30 January. The number of women undergoing breast cancer screening was up sharply compared with a decade ago as well. Read More
Solutions for Tomorrow brings x-ray units to Germany
January 31, 2020 -- Swedish-based medical technology company Solutions for Tomorrow and German-based dealer MTS have sold several mobile x-ray systems in Germany. Read More
UAE launches national radiology-pathology platform
January 31, 2020 -- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) this week launched a national platform for archiving and sharing radiology and pathology cases throughout the country. The platform was launched at the Arab Health 2020 conference this week. Read More
Busy radiologist falls for e-wallet scam
January 30, 2020 -- A radiologist in India has lost approximately 20,000 rupees (254 euros) after an unidentified caller purchased a smartphone online using her e-wallet, according to a 28 January report in the Hindustan Times. Read More
Coroner calls for changes in radiology practice
January 30, 2020 -- A coroner in Australia is calling for changes in the standards of practice for radiologists after an 87-year-old woman in Queensland died five days after receiving an epidural injection as part of a radiology procedure. Read More
IBA brings proton therapy system to Georgia
January 29, 2020 -- Proton therapy developer Ion Beam Applications (IBA) has received a contract from Georgian charity organization International Charity Foundation Cartu for a Proteus One system. Read More
Canon posts flat medical revenues for 2019
January 29, 2020 -- Despite a growing domestic market for its products in Japan, sluggishness in Europe put a drag on sales in the medical business for Japanese industrial giant Canon, with the company posting basically flat revenues for fiscal 2019, compared with the year before. Read More