IBA posts mixed 2017 results
March 22, 2018 -- Proton therapy developer Ion Beam Applications (IBA) posted mixed results for its 2017 fiscal year.
Maverinck publishes 12th edition of MRI textbook
March 22, 2018 -- The 12th edition of Dr. Peter Rinck, PhD's textbook, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: A Critical Introduction, has been published by Books on Demand, Germany.
MEG helmet could advance brain imaging
March 22, 2018 -- Researchers in the U.K. have developed a lightweight magnetoencephalography (MEG) prototype helmet designed to measure brain activity as people make natural movements, according to a study published online on March 21 in Nature.
MR Solutions to offer gradient coil services
March 21, 2018 -- Preclinical imaging technology developer MR Solutions has created a service to replace and upgrade gradient coils for preclinical MRI scanners.
French, Canadians meet for 2nd conference
March 21, 2018 -- Medicen Paris Region in France is taking steps to strengthen collaborations with medical technology colleagues in the Canadian province of Quebec.
EBCC: Polygenic risk scores predict 2nd breast cancer
March 20, 2018 -- Polygenic risk scores can predict the risk of a second breast cancer in BRCA breast cancer survivors, according to research presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC) in Barcelona, Spain.
RCR implements changes to fellowship examinations
March 20, 2018 -- The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has launched a new process for its fellowship examinations that uncaps the number of candidates and allows more flexibility in terms of location.
Advantis wins CE Mark for neuroimaging software
March 20, 2018 -- Image processing software developer Advantis Medical Imaging has received the CE Mark for Brainance MD, a cloud-based software platform for advanced visualization and postprocessing of brain MRI exams.
Varian reports proton therapy milestone in Russia
March 20, 2018 -- Radiation therapy firm Varian Medical Systems said the PTC St. Petersburg Center of Nuclear Medicine of the Sergey Berezin Medical Institute successfully completed its first patient treatment using the vendor's ProBeam proton therapy system.
SuperSonic expands installed base in France
March 16, 2018 -- Ultrasound technology developer SuperSonic Imagine said it plans to install its Aixplorer Ultimate scanner at five medical centers in Auvergne, France.