Bayer promotes workflow offerings at RSNA 2022
November 28, 2022 -- Bayer is highlighting new and expanded patient throughput and workflow features in its artificial intelligence portfolio at the RSNA meeting in Chicago. Read More
Samsung showcases AI technology at RSNA 2022
November 28, 2022 -- Samsung is promoting new features of its artificial intelligence (AI) products in ultrasound, digital radiography, and mobile CT at the RSNA meeting in Chicago. Read More
GE Healthcare to donate $1M in equipment to Ukraine
November 28, 2022 -- GE Healthcare will donate $1 million in ultrasound and monitoring equipment to Ukraine as the ongoing war continues to take a toll on the country's healthcare system. Read More
RSNA launches inaugural imaging access program
November 28, 2022 -- The RSNA plans to host an imaging access program that it said aims to improve "health equity, access, safety and patient care in South, Central and North America." Read More
RSNA expects 31K onsite attendees at 2022 congress
November 28, 2022 -- The RSNA announced that it expects 30,907 in-person attendees in Chicago for this week's annual meeting, including 16,045 professional delegates. Overall, total advance registration was 34,385, including 19,485 professionals. Read More
Survey shows CT justification practices vary across Europe
November 25, 2022 -- CT justification practices vary across Europe, with less than 50% using advance justification and a minority having clinical decision support systems in place, according to a study published on 22 November in Insights into Imaging. Read More
SERAM calls for more widespread clinical request support
November 25, 2022 -- A clear need exists for more hospitals to implement effective support systems for clinical requests, the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) has noted in a statement. Read More
Abnormal brain pulsations found in people with narcolepsy
November 25, 2022 -- The University of Oulu in Finland has promoted a recent MRI study showing narcolepsy alters pulsations that maintain the brain's waste clearance system. Read More
HSE gives details on revisions to radiation consent process
November 25, 2022 -- Changes are on the way in how employers may apply for consent to carry out specified practices under regulation 7 of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, the U.K. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has highlighted. Read More
Vienna's 2022 tourism prize goes to ESR
November 22, 2022 -- The tourism and leisure industry division of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce has awarded the European Society of Radiology (ESR) its tourism prize, according to media outlet WKO. Read More