Meet the finalists for EuroMinnies 2021
January 28, 2021 -- Suspense is building in the third edition of the EuroMinnies annual awards scheme from The expert panel comprising members of our editorial advisory board, past winners, and columnists has now agreed on 16 finalists from a total of 72 semifinal candidates in eight categories. Today we reveal the final list.
Out of Africa: breast imaging in Tanzania
January 27, 2021 -- A major challenge facing breast radiologists in sub-Saharan Africa is that women often present when cancers are advanced. More patient education and support and a stronger primary healthcare system are vital to allow for timely diagnostic referrals, according to new research from Tanzania.  Discuss
COVID-19 leads to major overhaul for radiotherapy
January 26, 2021 -- Significant changes occurred in the delivery of radiotherapy services during the first wave of the pandemic, according to new data for England posted on 22 January by Lancet Oncology. A massive decline in treatment sessions was offset by greater use of hypofractionated dosing regimens.  Discuss
MRI gives boost to evaluation of myocarditis
January 26, 2021 -- Researchers from a top London facility have reported that a free-breathing, 3D whole-heart T2 MRI mapping sequence can quantify myocardial T2 times in patients with suspected myocarditis. The technique might even detect more cases of cardiac inflammation than standard 2D T2 maps, they said.  Discuss
Dutch group reignites debate over CT dose
January 25, 2021 -- A large, five-year Dutch-led study has found the probability of receiving a high radiation dose from CT is small but not negligible, highlighting the risk of dose-related cancer and the need for radiation tracking. In an article posted on 18 January by BMJ Open, 80% of patients receiving a high effective dose had an initial oncology-related CT scan.  Discuss
ESR mourns Natalia Rotaru, 57, who died of COVID-19
January 25, 2021 -- The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has published a tribute to Prof. Natalia Rotaru, PhD, the breast radiologist from Moldova who died at the age of 57. She was a prominent educator and author in her own country, but contracted COVID-19 while performing her clinical duties.  Discuss
CT provides boost for mapping of breast density
January 22, 2021 -- Researchers from Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands have used nearly 100 CT images to map breast density. The analysis may lead to more accurate radiation dose estimates and improved breast cancer risk models.  Discuss
Focused ultrasound gives hope in Parkinson's disease
January 21, 2021 -- A new Spanish-led study suggests that focused ultrasound may benefit patients with asymmetric Parkinson's disease, in which symptoms are much more severe on one side of the body. Using precise, focused ultrasound energy had a very strong effect on parkinsonian symptoms, the investigators found.  Discuss
French team shares pearls of wisdom on endometriosis
January 20, 2021 -- Always be aware of endometriosis as a possible cause for acute symptoms in a woman of reproductive age and make sure you ask for the patient's history. That's one of the take-home messages from a group of experts with extensive experience in ob/gyn imaging.  Discuss
When buttock fillers and injections go wrong
January 19, 2021 -- Silicone fillers and injections may seem like an easy way to achieve the perfect buttock shape without surgery, but the long-term consequences can be disastrous. More clinics are seeing patients in need of urgent help, particularly in developing nations, and MRI is playing a central role in these cases.  Discuss