Tell me more about Case Files and Enhanced Case Files

Both types support multiple images or video content as well as a description and findings for the case.

The main difference between the two:
  • Case File - is a one-page case.
  • Enhanced Cases - can contain multiple pages.
More on Enhanced Cases, the quiz

Pages in enhanced cases can contain quiz style questions. We support multiple-choice and true/false questions along with our exclusive (and patented) Drag & Drop Order test question format. Each page can contain one or more images as well as video content.

Tagging Cases

Both types supporting tags, which help organization or group them in the library.

I can't decide

You can switch between Case Files and Enhanced Cases. When you convert a Case File you will quickly realize that your images no longer appear by default. All the images you uploaded are still associated with your case, you simply need to drag one or more of them into the page. This flexibility enables you to add more description image.

If you converted to an Enhanced Case and change your mind, no problem! Just convert it back to a Case File.