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Within the next 2 decades, we will see two great needs in PET/CT: the flexibility to scan beyond FDG with new, emerging tracers that can enable different procedures, such as the diagnostics portion of theranostics imaging, and the capability to accommodate increasing patient volumes. These needs require unprecedented levels of flexibility and capability, allowing you to determine which direction to grow your practice.




Omni Legend can provide the flexibility your hospital needs to help protect your investment into the future.






“The high sensitivity on Omni Legend PET/CT gives us the opportunity to decrease exam time as well as lower patient dose. Lowering dose is beneficial for the patient’s health and lifetime radiation exposure limits, particularly in cases where the patient receives multiple follow-up PET/CT exams after cancer treatment. In addition, lowering patient’s dose is leading to a decrease in the caregiver’s exposure as well.”


Professor Keidar
Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel
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Omni Legend PET/CT is the first product introduced on GE HealthCare’s all-new, all-digital, Omni platform that enables a remarkable increase in NEMA sensitivity.


It enables:







These results are comparable or better than the other top-of-the-line digital platforms¹. The unique combination of ultra-high sensitivity and high resolution, along with Precision DL² image processing provides excellent image quality.




“Even with shortened total scan times and drastically reduced dose on Omni Legend, we are getting much superior images to our prior PET/CT system. It’s really a new world for us.”


Dr. Kennedy
Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel


Shorter scan times means the department now has the flexibility to accommodate modifications in the daily schedule. That flexibility directly translates to less stress for the technologists and patients.






With the increased workflow, waiting times to obtain a PET scan can also decrease from months to days, depending on patient’s clinical needs or schedule. It also reduces practitioner overtime - even with the larger PET imaging volumes. It’s simply a better staff experience in the nuclear medicine department with the Omni Legend PET/CT system.


Will you wait to benefit from the flexibility you need? Treat your practice to the best!


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