Unlock the Invisible: ECR 2023 and next

Unlock the Invisible: ECR 2023 and next
Thank you for joining us at the ECR 2023 and contributing to the great energy and vitality of the event.
Our community of radiologists and patients is the driving force behind our offering of innovative solutions and reinforcing our dedication to supporting scientific education.
We joined together with renewed energy and new ideas, united by one main mission: improving people’s lives.
Throughout the event
We saw the future of diagnostics take shape, particularly during the three symposia that delved deeply into how the potential impact of GBCAs on the environment is leading to a re-assessment of the future role of contrast-enhanced MRI and to GBCA utilization.
We also saw how the clinical accuracy of Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), comparable to CT and MRI for the characterization of focal liver lesions, can help to address the increasingly limited worldwide access to imaging instruments.
Finally, the present and future impact of PC-CT on diagnostic imaging, focusing on cardiac and non-cardiac applications was also highlighted.
Innovating, through sustainable growth in the respect of both people and the planet, as well as the discovery of new AI frontiers supporting diagnostic imaging were the underlying themes of Bracco’s presence at the event.
Check out the video to relive all the excitement of the ECR 2023 and listen to Bracco’s Talking Images podcast, which addresses, through the voices of scientists and experts, all the main themes that impact the world of diagnostics.
Thanks for being by our side and inspiring us every day.
Now is the time to move forward, together, in view of ECR 2024
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