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A new era is coming, enabling better health with transformative technology. The availability and adoption of AI applications to support every step of the exam is quickly growing. Impacts can be seen in areas such as exam setup, protocoling, patient positioning, and image reconstruction and review.


Discover our latest AI innovations that will help you simplify workflow and elevate your ability to deliver better patient care.




Revolution™ Apex Platform
Changing the beat in cardiac care


With industry fastest 0.23 second rotation time and whole heart coverage, Revolution™ Apex platform’s unlimited one-beat features can complete whole heart acquisition within one heart cycle at any heart rate and rhythm. With intelligent motion correction through SnapShot Freeze 2 it delivers motion-free and stair-step-free CCTA images with high diagnostic quality, low radiation dose, and optimized iodine contrast volume.








Revolution™ Frontier Gen 3
Helps create a resilient tomorrow


Revolution™ Frontier Gen 3 helps create a resilient tomorrow. Our Revolution™ Frontier Gen 3 CT now features an AI-based workflow and TrueFidelity deep learning image reconstruction, available for both New and Installed base customers. Through in-field upgrades, paired with our CT Smart Subscription offering, this helps ensure that radiology professionals and the patients they serve can benefit from the latest technology throughout their system´s life cycle helping to create a sustainable and resilient tomorrow.






Revolution™ Ascend
Faster Workflow, Clearer Images


Revolution™ Ascend makes the CT experience faster, more intuitive and more approachable, with the image quality you expect. A 75 cm wide-bore CT system with an AI-based workflow, smart user interface and cutting-edge technology, Revolution™ Ascend substantially simplifies, streamlines and automates the CT experience inside and outside the scan room.







Revolution™ Maxima
Overall, a top performer


Revolution™ Maxima is a powerful, high-performing and reliable CT designed to maximize every step of the CT workflow, from referral to report.
The system with AI and Xtream Camera detect the patient profile and automatically align the isocenter to the correct position.







Effortless Workflow
Less Clicks and Easy Exams


Effortless Workflow provides an improved, seamless scanning experience, automating and applying advanced technologies like AI and deep learning algorithms, to transform the way CT is done from radiologist, technologist, administrator and patient perspective.








How the best see better


TrueFidelity’s deep learning image reconstruction engine generates images with outstanding detail, clarity, and texture, at low dose without any compromise. TrueFidelity CT Images are more than a radical, next-generation improvement, considered gold standard image quality, for both single energy and spectral acquisition.*






SnapShot Freeze 2
Intelligent motion correction algorithm


SnapShot Freeze 2 is an automated motion correction algorithm that freezes coronary arteries as well as corrects the motion within the entire heart, including valves, chambers, myocardium, and great vessels.








*TrueFidelity for GSI is available for Revolution CT, Revolution CT ES, Revolution Apex and Revolution CT with Apex Edition,
not for Revolution Frontier Gen3.



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