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Our goal is that all patients should be detected early, when treatment is easier and survival rate for breast cancer is 97% to 100%.1

To do this we are committed to advancing the Breast Continuum of Care, ensuring that every solution, from screening to monitoring, supports excellence in disease management all along the patient pathway.

A full portfolio of advanced breast health solutions

As pioneers of breast tomosynthesis with the largest body of clinical evidence, we have built our Breast Health portfolio on a foundation of proven solutions to minimise doubt and maximise confidence in diagnostic decision and treatment.

Our dedicated teams of breast scientists and deep learning experts have unparalleled access to data to develop next generation solutions, unlocking the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect cancers with improved accuracy and efficiency.

New powerful imaging capabilities, inspired by the video gaming industry, are bringing an unprecedented level of clarity to Ultrasound, while interoperative imaging solutions are bringing new levels of connectivity between radiologists and breast surgeons.

And our technologies are compassionately designed around the entire patient experience, from enhanced mammography comfort for women to minimising the need for invasive procedures.

Science is at an exciting crossroad. At Hologic, we are hopeful about the future and relentless in our quest to use science-based evidence to keep us at the forefront of breast health, enabling us to promote health economics and improve the lives of the women we serve.

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1. https://www.healthawareness.co.uk/breast-health/ensuring-a-continuum-of-care-for-breast-cancer-patients/. Last accessed February 2021

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