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How does conventional Nuclear Medicine differentiate from other imaging modalities? By its large range of clinical capabilities. Indeed, multiple care areas are covered like bone, cardiac, neuro, lung, renal and thyroid using various types of acquisition (total body, static, dynamic, SPECT and SPECT/CT).



With the ability to image several radioisotopes of a wide energy range, Nuclear Medicine not only provides diagnostic capabilities but also incorporates theranostic procedures. The quality improvement of SPECT/CT devices is likely to foster emerging examinations in the field of Nuclear Medicine.



Interested in the wide spectrum of clinical applications offered by the NM/CT 870 CZT?


> Discover a clinical case gallery




With the purpose of constant innovation, GE Healthcare introduced in 2016 the first ever general purpose CZT-based digital SPECT/CT to make a greater impact for all patients.




Such a unique technology today
combines improvements in:





lesion detection*

image quality

patient comfort




It aims to transform the entire Nuclear Medicine experience while keeping
the highest level of clinical versatility.


Want to know more about the multiple capacities
offered with the NM/CT 870 CZT?


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