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X-rays represents more than
60% of all imaging1
Over 2 Billion
X-ray exams Annually2
80 %
of exams read are normal
Are you looking for the right clinical and economical balance regarding your X-ray imaging equipment?

Address this challenge with Discovery XR656 HD, the new digital-ready radiographic system by GE Healthcare.
Benefit from clinical improvements with:
FlashPadHD, designed to be highest resolution (100 micron, 5 lp/mm) integrated wireless detector. Exceptional dose efficiency (75% DQE).
Helix™ advanced image processing: Up to 40% increase in detection* of fine structures.
Expediate critical findings with:
Artificial intelligence application like Critical Care Suite, the world’s first, on-device AI solution that can help identify critical conditions such as pneumothorax at the point of care.
Optimize your financial investment with:
VolumeRAD, helps the X-ray team to resolve inconclusive x-rays “here and now” - with minimal added radiation - that could help make care decisions faster. VolumeRAD has a 95% sensitivity in detecting wrist fractures.
AutoRADSuite offers an extensive set of automation and workflow enhancing features, to make exam set up fast, intuitive and easy for X-ray technologists and comfortable for patients.
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