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“With MotionFree, because it is automatic, there is no reason not to use it for every patient all the time. This capability is a big step forward.”
Dr. McGowan, University of Oxford
Respiratory motion impacts over 50% of all PET/CT procedures.
When using PET for diagnosis, therapy monitoring or as guidance for radiation therapy or surgical resection, there are multiple effects on image quality and measurements accuracy due to patient motion.
These include image blurring, challenges in small lesion detectability as well as reduced accuracy of SUV and volume measurements.
Solutions exist but they are often time-consuming due to complexity of external devices management. GE Healthcare offers now MotionFree, a deviceless data-driven gating technology, using the raw PET imaging data to automatically detect and correct respiratory motion for all patients in every exam.
Which benefits with MotionFree?

A better lesion

A better quantification
• Up to 30% improvement in quantitative accuracy (SUVmean)1
• Up to 67% improvement in volumetric accuracy of lesion size1
Time Saving
It avoids adding up to 11 minutes to patient procedure time2

1. Compared to non-processed (STATIC, no motion correction) data, as demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model and OSEM reconstruction.
2. Based on clinical practice at University Hospital Zurich, using 5-ring PET/CT with MotionFree and RPM. These results are for illustrative purposes only and represent specific customer experiences; actual results could vary depending on clinical practice and circumstances.

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