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See the unseen, wherever you are with the first wireless, handheld breast ultrasound scanner with exceptional imaging

Delivering exceptional image quality at the point of care, the Viera™ wireless ultrasound scanner provides physicians with the opportunity for earlier diagnoses and an optimized clinical workflow – all at a fraction of the cost of larger, mid-tier cart systems.

“Viera has immensely improved my workflow. I find the image quality is equivalent to the larger, more cumbersome ultrasound I had before. Now, I can quickly move from patient to patient rather than waiting to use just one ultrasound room.” – Kelly Dempsey, MD, Southwest Surgical Associates.

Thanks to its portability, the system offers an efficient way to perform guided interventional procedures, like biopsies, marker placements, and wire localizations anywhere, anytime. In fact, Viera™ portable breast ultrasound allows radiologists to confidently guide greater than 90% of interventional breast procedures.i
2 to 1 radiologists
surveyed prefer the
Viera™ system's image quality
over their current mid-tier
ultrasound cartii
Explore Exceptional Image Quality for Yourself
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Product Spotlight
Breast cancer screening with enhanced image clarity, lower dose and improved comfort

You already know Hologic’s 3Dimensions™ mammography system is the fastest, highest resolution breast tomosynthesis system capable of delivering a more comfortable mammogram. What you might not know is that the features that define the 3Dimensions™ system are available as standalone upgrades for facilities with Hologic’s Selenia® Dimensions® mammography systems.iii,iv
Clarity HD High-Resolution 3D™ Imaging Software

• Delivers the highest resolution 3D™ imagesiii

• Create high-resolution 3D™ images* with any breast size reconstructed at 70-micron pixel size

• Generates images with 2X the tomosynthesis resolution of the standard 3D Mammography™ exam

Intelligent 2D Imaging Technology

• Comprehensive, natural-looking synthesized 2D images provide a low-dose option for patients

• Generate finely detailed 2D images from the Genius™ exam data to enhance image review for greater diagnostic confidence

• Expedite 3D™ exam read times with Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology's built-in mapping capability

SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization System

• Shown to improve comfort in 93% of patients who reported moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression technologyiv

• Curved, unique design mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and apply uniform compression over the entire breast

• Processing software is designed to take the geometry of the curved surface into account, so images have the same appearance as those taken using standard compressioniv

Hologic Education Programs & Events
Visit our booth or our workshops at one of the following international congress and discover more about the latest technologies in Breast Health Screening & Solutions

• EUSOBI 2018
11 – 13 October 2018 / Athens, Greece
Our workshops :
- Contrast-Enhanced Mammography in Clinical Practice: Using I-View Software
- Clinical workflow using real-time breast biopsy imaging and Tomosynthesis guidance
- Optimizing Clinical Practice with Tomosynthesis and Synthesized 2D: Workshop for Experienced Readers
- High Resolution Tomosynthesis with 3Dimensions: Get your own Experience

• Journées Fran├žaises de Radiologies (JFR)
12 – 15 October 2018 / Paris, France

• Arab Health 2019
28 – 31 January 2019 / Dubaï, UAE

• ECR 2019
27 February – 3 March / Vienna, Austria
Various workshops will be available
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i Based on a systematic review of 29 sequentially collected ultrasound studies by 8 MQSA qualified interpreting breast radiologists. Data on file CSR-00101.
ii Based on a market survey review of 15 sequentially collected ultrasound studies by 125 U.S.
radiologists and surgeons trained in performing breast ultrasounds.
iii Data on file and from public sources, 2017.
iv Smith, A. Improving Patient Comfort in Mammography. Hologic WP-00119 Rev 003 (2017).
v Feature is used in combination with SecurView DX diagnostic review workstation Focus tool in v9.0.1 and above

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