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“Revolution Frontier™ is a new step towards complete implementation of spectral imaging in daily workflow.”


Dr. Marc Zins, Head of Radiology Department, GHPSJ, Paris (France)


At Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group (GHPSJ*), Dr. Zins, Head of Radiology Department, chose Revolution Frontier for its capability to routinely perform spectral imaging scans, as a more advanced diagnostic solution.


Enabling the visualisation of fine anatomic details down to 0.23 mm with 25% lower electronic noise.


Helping to improve outcomes in a broad range of applications such as liver lesion detection.


Allowing contrast-dose reduction by generating lower keV images.

Because of the new clinical information provided and the ease of use of this last generation CT scan, Dr. Zins asserts "Vision is that in the very near future we won't do CT studies without spectral imaging."
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