Ultrasound, MRI perform well in dense breasts
March 8, 2009 -- VIENNA - Adjunctive use of ultrasound in dense breasts can lead to a significant increase in breast cancer detection, according to a large-scale trial reported Sunday at the European Congress of Radiology. But another presentation found that MRI mammography did even better. Read More
Diabetes renders coronary CTA more difficult, less successful
March 8, 2009 -- VIENNA - Diabetic patients have smaller vessels and larger coronary artery calcifications than nondiabetics, a combination that reduces the utility of coronary CT angiography (CTA), according to a new study from Italy. Read More
European hospitals must do more with less
March 8, 2009 -- VIENNA - An aging population and falling government healthcare budgets are forcing hospital administrators to figure out how to improve the performance of their facilities with fewer resources, according to a presentation at the 2009 European Congress of Radiology. Read More
Lean management plays key role in new hospital design
March 8, 2009 -- VIENNA - Few healthcare administrators ever get the opportunity to entirely rebuild their radiology department from the ground up. But administrators in Canada got just such a chance, and they shared their experiences in a presentation at this week's European Congress of Radiology. Read More
3D CT detection of perfusion defects mirrors SPECT
March 8, 2009 -- VIENNA - Three-dimensional images from normal coronary CT angiography scans are highly sensitive for detecting fixed perfusion defects compared to myocardial SPECT. A special reconstruction technique performed with customized software does the job without the need for additional radiation or contrast. Read More
ECR delivers new findings on digital breast tomosynthesis
March 7, 2009 -- VIENNA - Delegates at the 2009 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) saw a series of presentations Friday unveiling new findings and key updates on digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). As the body of research builds in this relatively unexplored field, the advantages and limitations of DBT compared with conventional full-field digital mammography and other modalities are becoming better defined. Read More
Triple reading boosts breast cancer detection rate
March 7, 2009 -- VIENNA - Sending suspicious mammograms to a third expert reader can boost the cancer detection rate of a breast screening program by a statistically significant amount, according to a presentation by German researchers at this week's European Congress of Radiology. Read More
MRI finds hip injuries in karate fighters
March 7, 2009 -- VIENNA - MRI evaluation of a group of karate fighters has found a high rate of femoroacetabular impingement, according to research from the University of Bern presented Saturday at the 2009 European Congress of Radiology. Read More
Minimal prep VC nearly as sensitive, better tolerated
March 7, 2009 -- VIENNA - A new study from the U.S. and Japan found that full-laxative and minimum-laxative virtual colonoscopy had equivalent sensitivities for detecting colorectal polyps 6 mm and larger, though specificity fell in the minimum-prep regimen. The patients were happy to skip the laxatives, however. Read More
320-slice coronary CTA permits much lower contrast dose
March 6, 2009 -- VIENNA - Single-beat scanning not only enables significant radiation dose reductions in coronary CT angiography (CTA), the short duration of the scan permits drastically lower contrast doses as well, at least in patients with regular heartbeats and no arrhythmias. Read More
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