Parachutes, belief, and intellectual curiosity
November 8, 2022 -- More resources need to be invested into rigorous and independent research to generate the evidence to support what we do in radiology, writes Dr. Chris Hammond in a new column. Read More
Investigation reveals how stressed radiologist missed cancer
November 7, 2022 -- Full details have emerged in a report issued on 7 November about how an overworked radiologist missed a cancerous lesion and how the healthcare provider in New Zealand failed to respond adequately to concerns about workload pressures. Read More
Music before mammograms can boost compression tolerance
November 7, 2022 -- They say music is good for the soul -- and it could also be good for boosting a woman's tolerance of mammography examinations, according to U.K. research published on 31 October in Radiography. Read More
Ovarian cancer surveillance proves viable for women with BRCA variants
November 7, 2022 -- Ovarian cancer surveillance is a viable option for women with BRCA (BReast CAncer gene) variants who delay removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries, a study published on 1 November in the Journal of Medical Genetics has found. Read More
La radiología española quiere reforzar su cooperación con Francia e Italia
November 4, 2022 -- Estrechar lazos con Francia e Italia es una de las principales prioridades de la recién elegida presidenta de la Sociedad Española de Radiología Médica (SERAM), la profesora Asunción Torregrosa del Hospital La Fe en Valencia. Read More
Team Edinburgh unveils novel cardiac CT findings
November 3, 2022 -- Scottish cardiothoracic imaging researchers have reported that quantifying a person's heart plaque using CT coronary angiography may help to determine the type of heart attack the patient is experiencing. Read More
Dynamic MRI delivers in tricky neurovascular cases
November 2, 2022 -- Improvements in MRI technique and dynamic imaging, particularly 3-tesla MRI's ability to demonstrate direct compression of the plexus, have boosted the diagnosis of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, a new Australian study has found. Read More
MRI proves value in diagnosis of goalkeeping injuries
November 1, 2022 -- MRI is indispensable for evaluating football goalkeepers who present with suspected ligament and tendon injuries of the hand and wrist, and it contributes enormously to patient management, award-winning Brazilian researchers have reported ahead of this month's World Cup. Read More
Can machine learning plus CBCT predict blood leaks in stroke?
November 1, 2022 -- Can machine learning used with conebeam CT (CBCT) help clinicians to predict whether patients who have experienced stroke will have peripheral bleeding after they've undergone thrombectomy? Perhaps, Italian investigators say. Read More
Spanish team shows promise of virtual reality in TAVR procedures
October 31, 2022 -- A research group from Barcelona has reported positive findings about a virtual reality headset that uses information from multidetector CT to help interventional radiologists tailor transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures. Read More