Marion Smits' mugs go viral on social media
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - Prof. Dr. Marion Smits didn't expect to go viral on Twitter when she posted a picture of the customized mugs she gifted her students to celebrate their first lead author publication. But unexpected things can happen on social media, ECR 2023 learned at Thursday's special session. Read More
Video from ECR 2023: Ritse Mann on breast MRI screening
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - MRI is now recommended in Europe for cancer screening in women with extremely dense breasts, but does this represent a real game changer, and how can the hurdles to implementation be overcome? For answers, we chatted with Dutch expert Dr. Ritse Mann. Read More
Video from ECR 2023: Yoshimi Anzai on diversity in radiology
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - Why should radiology care about diversity? Which approach works best? Is a diverse workforce always a happy and productive workforce? We asked Dr. Yoshimi Anzai to share her thoughts and experiences with Liana Gruenberg. Read More
Why AI's future hinges on larger clinical trials and more data
March 3, 2023 -- More data and larger clinical trials are needed for artificial intelligence (AI) to take the next steps toward everyday clinical workflow and showing meaningful patient outcomes, leading European researchers suggested in a session on 1 March at ECR 2023. Read More
Berlin group spells out how AI can help detect more fractures
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - When it comes to detecting fractures on x-rays, radiologists and artificial intelligence (AI) software are better together, researchers from a leading German facility emphasized to ECR 2023 attendees on 2 March. Read More
AI can catch missed diagnoses on chest radiographs
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - An artificial intelligence (AI)-based software application can identify missed clinically significant findings in chest radiographs, according to research presented on 3 March at ECR 2023. Read More
FDG-PET/CT reveals sites of COVID-19 brain infection
March 3, 2023 -- FDG-PET/CT imaging shows metabolic neurologic changes due to COVID-19 in patients before the onset of anatomical abnormalities and can detect more active infection sites than MRI, according to research presented on 2 March at ECR 2023 in Vienna. Read More
SMI with elastography shows promise, but may prove inferior to TI-RADS
March 3, 2023 -- Superb microvascular imaging (SMI) with elastosonography may not be as valuable as standard TI-RADS, but it does hold some potential, ECR 2023 delegates were told during a session held on 1 March. Read More
How effective is MRI for planning colorectal cancer surgery?
March 3, 2023 -- VIENNA - Preoperative MRI helps surgeons predict whether colorectal cancer structures -- for example, the omentum and ovaries, the pelvic peritoneum, or the ileum -- can be effectively removed, according to research presented at ECR 2023. Read More
Video from ECR 2023: Wiro Niessen on achieving success in AI
March 2, 2023 -- VIENNA - The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) requires a multidisciplinary team approach and an emphasis on quality. That's the view of the leading researcher and informatics expert Prof. Wiro Niessen, PhD, who also speaks about his recent move from Rotterdam to Groningen in the Netherlands. Read More