Novel PET radiotracer shows promise in cancer imaging
May 15, 2023 -- Researchers have developed a PET radiotracer that binds to two established diagnostic targets in patients with cancer. They suggest this "dual-receptor-targeting" capability may have advantages over current approaches. Read More
How should radiologists handle incidental lung findings?
May 11, 2023 -- Most significant incidental findings discovered on low-dose CT lung cancer screening exams should be reported for further evaluation, suggest study findings published on 8 May in JAMA Internal Medicine. Read More
Mammo-guided biopsies prove effective for thin breast tissue
May 10, 2023 -- Mammography-guided, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy can help improve outcome in women with compressed, thin breasts. That's the key finding of new research published on 5 May. Read More
Swiss team recommends PET scans for memory clinic patients
May 9, 2023 -- A European research group is calling for the use of amyloid PET scans for Alzheimer's disease early in the diagnostic workup of memory clinic patients, according to a study published on 8 May in JAMA Neurology. Read More
JAMA: Transgender women can still get prostate cancer
May 9, 2023 -- Prostate cancer is possible in transgender women, even after they have undergone gender-affirming surgery, authors have written in a letter to the editor published in JAMA. Read More
Mental illness tied to lower cancer screening attendance
May 8, 2023 -- Severe mental illness is tied to lower attendance to cancer screening for breast, bowel, and cervical cancers, a study published on 3 May in the British Journal of Cancer has found. Read More
Breast radiologists impacted by automation bias when using AI
May 8, 2023 -- No matter the experience level, radiologists are prone to automation bias when reading mammograms while being supported by artificial intelligence (AI)-based software, suggest findings published on 2 May in Radiology. Read More
Elastography, vascularity measures improve TI-RADS performance
May 5, 2023 -- Measures from thyroid nodule vascularity and shear-wave elastography show promise for improving the detection of thyroid cancer, according to findings presented at the American Roentgen Ray Society annual meeting in Honolulu. Read More
Power-saving strategies reduce MRI carbon emissions more than a third
May 4, 2023 -- Power-saving measures can reduce the carbon emissions caused by MRI -- one of imaging's most energy-intensive modalities -- by more than a third, a study published on 25 April in Radiology suggests. Read More
Combining PET/CT and MRI can predict outcome in cervical cancer
May 3, 2023 -- The combination of PET/CT and MRI response assessment after chemoradiotherapy in cases of locally advanced cervical carcinoma (LACC) is a more accurate predictor of patient outcome than either modality alone, U.K. researchers have reported in a new award-winning study. Read More