3D software pinpoints cartilage changes on MRI
June 18, 2020 -- Researchers from a leading U.K. facility have found that a 3D image-analysis software algorithm can spot small changes in the cartilage of knee joints over time on MRI scans. The discovery may lead to the development of new osteoarthritis treatments.  Discuss
Dutch study endorses RSNA's COVID-19 chest CT system
June 17, 2020 -- New research from the Netherlands has indicated that the RSNA's chest CT classification system for interpreting COVID-19 pneumonia cases is performing well and can help clinicians better navigate assessment and diagnosis of patients.  Discuss
Pandemic leads to surge of interest in informatics
June 16, 2020 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sudden increase in data sharing, multicenter image data collection, online data annotation, deep learning, and the building of large repositories, according to informatics expert Peter van Ooijen, PhD, who calls for more consideration of these topics in radiology training.  Discuss
Breast MRI lesion score can cut unnecessary biopsies
June 15, 2020 -- A lesion classification scheme named after breast MRI pioneer Dr. Werner Kaiser may help prevent anywhere from 45% to 72.5% of unnecessary breast biopsies in high-risk patients, Austrian researchers have found. The tool also refutes the notion of benign-appearing cancers.  Discuss
Italian team unveils novel data on PET/CT of breast cancer
June 12, 2020 -- Researchers from Milan have found that FDG-PET/CT can identify breast cancer metastases predicted by elevated tumor marker values in asymptomatic patients who have undergone locoregional therapy. They published their results on 9 June in Oncology.  Discuss
COVID-19: Early signs of recovery, but uncertainty ahead
June 11, 2020 -- The global pandemic has created an unprecedented shock to the medical imaging and healthcare sectors. What is the future likely to hold? What are the key economic trends, bright spots, and areas of greatest risk? Market columnist Steve Holloway investigates.  Discuss
U.K. radiology only running at 60% capacity, says RCR
June 11, 2020 -- Radiology is still only running at about 60% of normal capacity in the U.K., and hospitals are struggling to cope with the pent-up demand for imaging, according to Dr. Caroline Rubin of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).  Discuss
Dutch use deep learning to improve cardiac CT workflow
June 10, 2020 -- Investigators from the Netherlands have reported that a deep-learning algorithm can lead to workflow gains by automatically eliminating cardiac CT exams negative for coronary artery calcium. They published their findings on 3 June in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
One-day training boosts readers' CTC performance
June 10, 2020 -- A one-day training program effectively improves the sensitivity of radiologists when reading CT colonography (CTC) exams, according to a study published on 9 June in Clinical Radiology.  Discuss
New details emerge about how COVID-19 affects the brain
June 9, 2020 -- The case of a 12-year-old Iranian boy who contracted COVID-19 and had a stroke has helped to fill the knowledge gap that exists over how exactly the virus enters the central nervous system and affects the brain.  Discuss