Radiology workstations need integration, automation
March 15, 2002 -- SAN ANTONIO - Diagnostic radiology workstations have come a long way from the early days of PACS. But further progress can still be made, said Dr. Steven Horii in a presentation at the "PACS 2002: Implementing CR/DR and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" conference. Read More
View from the president: Dr. Philippe Grenier scans the ECR
February 28, 2002 -- Dr. Philippe Grenier of Paris offers his insightful comments about the ECR conference, its highlights, and the difficulties the organization still faces. Read More
MRI algorithm envisions better look at the eyes
July 24, 2000 -- British engineers have designed a post-processing algorithm that could give imaging specialists a better view of the orbital cavity and its surrounding structures with MRI. Read More
Researchers take aim at next-generation image-guided surgery systems
July 17, 2000 -- Just as virtual guided imaging is beginning to pay off in diagnostics, a group of techno-wizards have taken aim at the next goal: putting powerful, intuitive, real-time image guidance systems into surgeons' hands. Read More
Finnish team searches for better mammography CAD system
June 30, 2000 -- SAN FRANCISCO - A fully automated computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system that provides differential diagnosis for breast calcifications may prove superior to neural network-based CAD systems, but must face down several challenges before it can move past the conceptual phase, according to its Finnish designers. Read More
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