Flat-panel FFDM produces better image quality than CR mammography, study says
October 2, 2008 -- A flat-panel full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system produced better image quality than computed radiography-based mammography using digital storage phosphor, according to a study from researchers in Vienna, Austria. Read More
Step-and-shoot mode minimizes dose in dual-source cardiac CT
September 29, 2008 -- The use of a step-and-shoot mode with dual-source CT produced radiation doses under 2 mSv for coronary CT angiography studies of patients with normal heart rates, according to a study in the October issue of Radiology. Read More
B-mode US shines in measuring carotid atherosclerosis
September 19, 2008 -- B-mode ultrasound provides the highest intraobserver and interscan reproducibility for measuring carotid atherosclerosis compared with 3D ultrasound and MRI, according to recent research from the University of Western Ontario. However, 3D ultrasound and MRI did yield strong results in quantifying vessel wall volume. Read More
Digital mammography more cost-effective than analog, report says
September 11, 2008 -- Despite recent evidence regarding the clinical utility of full-field digital mammography, many hospitals and imaging facilities find the technology's high cost a barrier to adoption. But FFDM may actually be more cost-effective than analog mammography, according to a report published in the U.K. Read More
Wider 3D viewing angle may aid polyp detection
September 9, 2008 -- Virtual colonoscopy readers saw a greater percentage of the colonic mucosa by increasing the field-of-view on their 3D software to match that of a standard colonoscope. However, the wider viewing angle may have also reduced polyp conspicuity and increased distortion, with unknown effects on detection sensitivity. Read More
NetMeeting software aids oncologist/radiologist collaboration
September 8, 2008 -- U.K. researchers have found that off-the-shelf Internet conferencing software can help improve collaboration between radiologists and radiation oncologists in ways that sophisticated PACS software can't. Read More
MRI can provide safe imaging for pediatric heart patients
August 29, 2008 -- Cardiovascular MRI can be performed safely, with low risk and limited hemodynamic changes, on infants with congenital heart disease, according to a study conducted at the Heart and Diabetes Center in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Read More
PET dose-painting methods produce discordant results
August 27, 2008 -- As intensity-modulated radiation therapy becomes more sophisticated, oncologists are investigating new dose-painting methods to determine which areas of tumor target volume should receive additional radiation dose. But a new study indicates that two promising methods to guide dose painting actually produce sharply varied results. Read More
Automated polyp measurement supports risk assessment
August 26, 2008 -- Automated polyp-measurement software performed as well as human readers in a study that could lead to more efficient screening with virtual colonoscopy. The study sought to evaluate the accuracy of an automated polyp size measurement tool and its effectiveness for risk stratification in 305 subjects. Read More
ROI changes colorectal tumor perfusion measurements
August 26, 2008 -- The development of automated perfusion-mapping software for CT data has opened up intriguing possibilities for the assessment of tumor vascularity, specifically for monitoring response to antiangiogenic drug treatment. But where, precisely, to measure tumor vascularity is a question that had not been addressed, according to U.K. researchers. Read More
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