How best to share case reports effectively on social media
September 14, 2022 -- As social networks evolve, more radiologists are using them as a communication tool, but what motivates them to do this? In a Q&A interview, Dr. Heiko Alfke elaborates on his own approach and strategy. Read More
Under siege: French cyberattack causes serious disruption
September 13, 2022 -- A ransomware attack on a hospital near Paris is continuing to have a severe impact on all departments' IT systems and web access, particularly imaging. The incident highlights the vulnerability of radiology services to cybercrime and the need for more rigorous cybersecurity measures. Read More
How widespread is fraud in nuclear medicine research?
September 13, 2022 -- Leading Dutch researchers claim that fraud may be a problem in nuclear medicine journals, based on the results of their global survey. Their findings were published on 8 September in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
Attention shifts to pros and cons of pediatric teleultrasound
September 12, 2022 -- Researchers from Tours, France, have delivered an upbeat assessment of teleultrasound in a study that examined the use of the technology to evaluate children seen in the emergency department. The results were published in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Read More
ESR moves next year's ECR meeting to March 2023
September 9, 2022 -- Responding to feedback from this year's summer ECR, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) is moving the congress back to its traditional time slot in March. ECR 2023 will now be held from 1-5 March in Vienna. Read More
CIRSE promotes highlights at 2022 annual meeting
September 9, 2022 -- The European Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (CIRSE) will host its 38th annual meeting on 10-14 September in Barcelona, Spain. We look at what's going to be hot at this important congress. Read More
Half of global cancer deaths are due to risk factors
September 8, 2022 -- Almost half of global cancer deaths are due to risk factors, with smoking, alcohol use, and high body mass index as the greatest contributors, according to research published on 18 August in the Lancet. Read More
ECR: ESR 2nd VP Andrea Rockall mulls topics close to her heart
September 7, 2022 -- Sustainable radiology, clinical audit, and patient communication -- these are three burning issues to which the European Society of Radiology's newly elected Second Vice President Dr. Andrea Rockall will lend her weight before she becomes ECR president in July 2025. Read More
How do radiologists really feel about medical AI?
September 6, 2022 -- What's the reason for the relatively slow ramp-up of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare? In a recent survey, market research firm Omdia queried medical practitioners on some of their opinions and attitudes toward medical AI. Read More
Does FFR-CT really offer value in real-world practice?
September 5, 2022 -- In real-world clinical practice, fractional flow-reserve CT (FFR-CT) software may not yield any improvement over standard radiological assessment of coronary artery disease, according to a study published on 18 August in Clinical Radiology. Read More