QA checks have only minor impact on radiographer reporting
January 15, 2020 -- Dutch researchers have found that quality assurance (QA) sessions in which a radiologist reviewed recalls recommended by radiologists and radiographers identified fewer than 1% of missed breast cancers. The study included 467,000 women who participated in the Dutch breast screening program.  Discuss
How to do it: Dual-energy CT for pulmonary embolism
January 14, 2020 -- In the right hands, dual-energy CT for acute pulmonary embolism can help boost sensitivity and detection, especially for endoluminal clots in small segmental or subsegmental lung vessels. That's the view of German researchers, who've given a master class on the topic.  Discuss
MRI-guided radiotherapy progresses in clinical arena
January 13, 2020 -- MR-guided radiotherapy enables direct visualization of structures of interest in the treatment position, with high soft-tissue contrast. Greek researchers have now developed a method for overall dosimetric evaluation of an MR linear accelerator system.  Discuss
Imaging finds venous thrombosis in astronaut
January 10, 2020 -- Using an onboard ultrasound machine, an astronaut on the International Space Station detected venous thrombosis in the individual's own body, according to an article published on 2 January by the New England Journal of Medicine. The intended use of the scanner was to research the effects of space flight.  Discuss
MRI safety first? Or last?
January 9, 2020 -- The recent spate of MRI accidents in Sweden is due to thoughtlessness, and the damage seems self-inflicted, writes the Maverinck. MR machines are not toys, and operating them requires concentration and knowing and not forgetting the rules.  Discuss
Structured reporting yields clearer radiology reports
January 9, 2020 -- Structured reporting enables radiologists to produce reports that are more standardized and easier to understand by referring physicians than those produced in traditional prose style, according to researchers from University Hospital Basel in Switzerland.  Discuss
Instagram can help radiology thrive in social media era
January 8, 2020 -- Radiology staff members at a general hospital in Spain have discovered that Instagram has enormous potential to raise their profile and make their work more visible in healthcare. The social networking platform can also serve as a valuable teaching and communication tool.  Discuss
Spanish show how MRI adds value in soft-tissue lesions
January 7, 2020 -- Radiologists can enhance their ability to diagnose soft-tissue lesions by using certain gamuts to more easily recognize the specific features and parameters derived from functional MRI sequences, according to prize-winning research from Spain.  Discuss
The radiologist and the curse of the mummy
January 6, 2020 -- An exhibition of Tutankhamun's treasures is currently touring the world, but since the tomb was disturbed in the 1920s, an alleged curse has struck many times and might have led to the death of a radiologist. History expert Dr. Adrian Thomas tells the story.  Discuss
CT shines new light on Greenland's mummies
January 3, 2020 -- A multidisciplinary research team has used CT to boost understanding of the early history behind atherosclerosis. They have examined the mummified remains of five Greenlandic Inuit people discovered by Martin Luther in 1929.  Discuss