CT shines light on how aristocrat sought to preserve her smile
February 9, 2023 -- Archaeologists have used imaging to discover how a 17th century French aristocrat stabilized her loose teeth using gold wires -- a solution that, although innovative at the time, probably made her condition worse. Read More
PET tracer can aid visualization in tumor angiogenesis
February 8, 2023 -- Preliminary results are encouraging from a Swiss clinical trial of a novel PET/CT radiotracer being investigated for visualizing tumors in patients with esophageal cancer. Read More
Irish radiology prepares to step into limelight in Vienna
February 7, 2023 -- Radiology in Ireland is set to come under close scrutiny at ECR 2023. Ahead of the congress, we spoke with ESR President Prof. Adrian Brady from Cork about his own career, the lessons learned from the devastating 2021 cyberattack, and the challenges facing the profession in Ireland. Read More
3D segmentation shows promise in knee MRI exams
February 7, 2023 -- Emerging 3D MR segmentation techniques make it feasible to quantify tumor burden and provide a quick visual assessment of lesion distribution throughout the knee, but the process is time-consuming and operator-dependent, and more automation is needed, Dutch researchers have found. Read More
PET tracer uptake related to COVID vaccines found in lymphoma cases
February 7, 2023 -- More than half of patients on rituximab treatment for lymphoma show F-18 FDG radiotracer uptake in lymph nodes on PET/CT imaging following a second shot of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, according to a new study. Read More
Tribunal suspends radiologist for 'sexually motivated' breast exam
February 6, 2023 -- A U.K. tribunal has recommended a one-month suspension for a musculoskeletal radiologist who performed a "sexually motivated" ultrasound exam on a pregnant patient's breasts and then sent her a friend request on social media. Read More
PET/MRI proves effective for lymphoma management
February 6, 2023 -- PET/MRI is becoming an increasingly viable and practical alternative to PET/CT in the routine management of lymphoma patients, a group of Australian investigators have found. Read More
Radiation exposure among imaging staff lower than recommended limits
February 3, 2023 -- Occupational exposure to radiation among radiologists and radiographers is about 90% below annual dosage limits. That's the key finding of a report published by authors in the Middle East. Read More
German clinicians detect rare tumor in COVID-19 patient
February 2, 2023 -- A medical team from Duisburg, Germany, has reported finding a rare tenosynovial giant cell tumor in a COVID-19 patient's thigh using gallium-68 fibroblast activation protein inhibitor PET imaging. Read More
MRI receives boost for white-matter lesion detection in MS
February 1, 2023 -- Automated clinical decision support integrated into the radiological routine flow can assist in the diagnosis and follow-up of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, a multicenter Swiss study has found. Read More