Nominations open for EuroMinnies 2021 award scheme
November 23, 2020 -- has launched the third edition of the EuroMinnies, an annual event designed to recognize achievements in European radiology. The search is on to find out who will follow in the footsteps of Christiane Kuhl, Laura Oleaga, and other previous winners.  Discuss
Breast screening proves most effective in women over 65
November 23, 2020 -- The effect of breast screening is stronger and longer-lasting in women who are 65 and over, but it remains highly relevant for younger women, according to new data from England published on 23 November in the British Journal of Cancer.  Discuss
Dutch finetune CT reporting system for COVID-19
November 20, 2020 -- A team from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, is reporting success with a COVID-19 CT reporting system called CO-RADS. It can help clinicians quickly diagnose the disease when patients present in the emergency department.  Discuss
Automated lung CT analysis predicts COVID-19 outcomes
November 19, 2020 -- Automated assessment of ground-glass opacities on lung CT exams in patients with suspected COVID-19 correlates well with clinical outcomes and shows potential as an objective biomarker for evaluating the severity of lung injury, according to research published online on 13 November in Anaesthesia Critical Care & Pain Medicine.  Discuss
Magic in our hands: 3D printing comes of age
November 19, 2020 -- 3D printing is set to play an increasingly important role in clinical practice due to the wide range of applications for surgical planning and therapy as well as education and training in different branches of medicine, researchers from Serbia have reported.  Discuss
Spanish team shows lung damage in 'long COVID' cases
November 18, 2020 -- A group from La Paz University Hospital in Madrid has used ultrasound to document lung abnormalities in patients who recovered from COVID-19 but still had persistent symptoms months later. The study adds to the growing body of evidence of lingering COVID-19 symptoms.  Discuss
Could 4D MRI be a major leap forward for fetal imaging?
November 18, 2020 -- Scientists from King's College London have used 4D MRI to measure volumetric blood flow. They reconstructed multiple 3D images into cine loops that simulate fetal heartbeats.  Discuss
Siemens launches wide-bore midfield MRI scanner
November 18, 2020 -- A new midfield MRI scanner with a wide 80-cm bore, Magnetom Free.Max, was among the products unveiled by Siemens Healthineers at a virtual event held on 17 November. The vendor also took the wraps off the Syngo Carbon image and data management platform.  Discuss
How imaging can unmask true face of COVID-19
November 17, 2020 -- Radiologists must become COVID-19 symptom-aware and remain vigilant at all times, especially as the second wave takes root, leading thoracic radiologist Dr. Sam Hare said in a Royal College of Radiologists webinar on the evening of 12 November. He also described how imaging has taken center stage when it comes to COVID-19 diagnosis.  Discuss
Defeating existential angst
November 17, 2020 -- What should you do if you feel you're starting to burn out? Dr. Paul McCoubrie sought a practical solution to his midlife dip that wasn't illegal, fattening, or incompatible with staying married. He decided to write a book, and he describes the experience in this article.  Discuss