Study reports link between breast toxicity and timing of rad therapy
November 17, 2008 -- The timing of treatment for breast cancer patients receiving external-beam radiation therapy (EBRT) following intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) may be an important factor in preventing toxicity. Patients who receive EBRT sooner than five or six weeks after receiving IORT may have a higher risk of developing chronic late toxicity, according to a study by German researchers. Read More
Negative coronary calcium scores in the young can understate plaque burden
November 11, 2008 -- NEW ORLEANS - Among apparently healthy people under age 35 at risk of sudden death, negative coronary calcium scores do not necessarily signal the absence of atherosclerotic plaque, according to research presented on Monday at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2008. Read More
MRI shows prowess in diabetic foot with osteomyelitis
November 10, 2008 -- Italian researchers have concluded that MRI shows high sensitivity for detecting osteomyelitis in a diabetic foot, but lower specificity related to Charcot neuropathic osteoarthropathy. The study comes from Carlo Poma Hospital and was published online on October 25 by La Radiologia Medica. Read More
SPECT ties functional brain abnormalities to fibromyalgia
November 7, 2008 -- Using SPECT, researchers in France have detected functional abnormalities in certain regions of the brain in fibromyalgia patients. The findings support the idea that fibromyalgia symptoms are related to a dysfunction in the parts of the brain where pain is processed. Read More
Model finds small polyp surveillance safe, cost-effective
November 4, 2008 -- A new model analysis concludes that surveillance of small (6- to 9-mm) colorectal polyps is both safe and cost-effective compared to immediate polypectomy, which suffers from relatively high costs, rare complications, and above all a low yield for colorectal cancer in lesions smaller than 10 mm in diameter. Read More
HF weekly radiation effective for elderly breast cancer patients
October 30, 2008 -- Results of a clinical study at the Institut Curie in Paris verify that patients with nonmetastatic breast cancer can achieve the same long-term outcomes with conservative surgery followed by weekly high-frequency (HF) radiotherapy as patients who receive conservative surgery followed by daily radiation therapy. Read More
MR arthrography study finds 'optimal injection site'
October 24, 2008 -- Researchers in Spain are recommending that physicians use the upper third of the humeral head as the optimal injection site for anterior MR arthrography of the shoulder. They also concluded that it is "a simple, rapid procedure that is well tolerated by patients and reduces the radiation dose administered." Read More
Swiss pediatric CT survey leads to national dose standards
October 23, 2008 -- When a child needs a CT exam of the head, chest, or abdomen in Switzerland, pediatricians and parents can be assured that the radiation dose exposure will be identical regardless of the hospital. The country's success in standardizing pediatric CT dose could provide a model for similar efforts under way in the U.S. Read More
MRI used to diagnose complex lung infections in children
October 16, 2008 -- CT is the gold standard for lung imaging, particularly when a chest x-ray lacks the detail needed to make a diagnosis. But CT's far higher radiation dose -- equivalent to 200 chest radiographs -- has some pediatric radiologists looking for an alternative modality, especially for children with chronic lung conditions who may require many CT scans. Read More
Autopsy study confirms low prevalence of adenomas in youth
October 14, 2008 -- A rare autopsy study of more than 3,500 individuals found that the incidence of colorectal adenomas is low in those under 50, but rises sharply in the sixth decade of life. The study, which provides important new information about the natural history of colorectal polyps and cancer in the young, supports current guidelines recommending that screening begin at age 50. Read More
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