Junior MDs interpret exams better with radiographers' help
July 28, 2011 -- How well do junior physicians working in emergency departments interpret the exams they order for their patients when a radiologist is unavailable? Not as confidently and accurately as they should, according to an article in press published 25 July in Radiography by Irish researchers. Read More
Stem cell regeneration of heart tissue methods await refining
July 27, 2011 -- An original paper in European Radiology scans the many promising developments in stem cell regeneration of cardiac tissue following myocardial infarction. Researchers from the Netherlands find there is no "best method" in cell tracking but rather an array of techniques. Read More
Germans support imaging arrhythmia patients with single-beat CT
July 26, 2011 -- Single-beat cardiac CT not only allows for dose reduction and high accuracy, but also for greater flexibility in imaging patients with arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, and shortness of breath, said a researcher from Charité Medical University in Berlin. Read More
Can radiologists really trust PACS salespeople?
July 25, 2011 -- Involvement of radiologists and other end users in the specification of PACS is vital to ensure that a system runs smoothly. Our latest informatics column will help point you in the right direction. Read More
FDG-PET/CT helps detect sarcoidosis in extremities
July 25, 2011 -- Researchers from Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands discovered a substantial number of sarcoidosis cases in the extremities using FDG-PET/CT, whereas a majority of those same lesions could not be detected by low-dose CT. Read More
Uncertainty surrounds benefits of PET in malignant melanoma
July 22, 2011 -- The value of PET or PET/CT scans to diagnose and stage malignant skin melanoma is unclear, according to a report published by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care on 20 July. Read More
Interruptions occur often and need auditing, CT study finds
July 22, 2011 -- A group of researchers in the west of Scotland think there should be a more robust system for recording interruptions during reporting sessions, and a software update for logging interruptions in a hospital's RIS would be helpful for the purpose of an audit. Read More
Radiology plays key role in pediatric thoracic emergencies
July 21, 2011 -- Children who are having difficulty breathing or swallowing are among the most common patients admitted to hospital emergency departments. Radiologists can help clinicians make a rapid diagnosis, start the appropriate treatment, and avoid complications in these nontraumatic thoracic emergency cases. Read More
5-day brachytherapy proves effective for endometrial cancer
July 21, 2011 -- Four-year results of a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a five-day high-dose-rate brachytherapy treatment for endometrial cancer are proving comparable to more protracted courses of treatment, according to a study by Spanish researchers. Read More
iSi 2011: Ikeda voices confidence in BI-RADS update
July 20, 2011 -- The forthcoming update to the BI-RADS MRI lexicon should help to resolve ambiguity arising from the varied descriptions of enhancement in reports, according to Dr. Debra Ikeda. At the recent International Symposium on State-of-the-Art Imaging (iSi 2011), she discussed how the update will include the relatively new concept of background parenchymal enhancement. Read More
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