Report: Breast cancer survival could be boosted by investment
August 20, 2021 -- There are shocking disparities in breast cancer survival between low-income and high-income countries around the world, but these differences could be addressed by major investments in treatment and diagnosis, according to a simulation study published on 17 August in Lancet Oncology. Read More
Belgian group unveils progress on radiation risk assessment
August 19, 2021 -- Researchers from University Hospitals Leuven have developed a metric that determines patient size directly from x-ray images and can enable automated patient-specific dosimetry. Read More
What radiologists really need to know about sepsis
August 18, 2021 -- Around 25% of COVID-19 patients who require hospital treatment go into septic shock, and most deaths from COVID-19 are associated with sepsis. How should these cases be managed radiologically? Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ley from Munich provides some insight. Read More
Top 10 practical, easy-to-follow tips on cybersecurity
August 17, 2021 -- The ransomware attack on the Irish healthcare system had devastating consequences. Faced with a growing threat, hospitals need a game plan. Cybersecurity expert Motti Sorani gives tips on how to help prevent breaches. Read More
Karolinska team seeks to optimize prostate cancer screening
August 16, 2021 -- Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have used a new type of blood test to screen for prostate cancer to reduce unnecessary MRI scans by 36% and avoid overdiagnosis. Their study was posted on 12 August in Lancet Oncology. Read More
Should older women receive breast screening less often?
August 16, 2021 -- Can women in their early 70s receive breast screening less frequently? A group from Italy tested a three-year screening interval in these women, concluding that the proposal needs more investigation. The team published its results on 6 August in European Radiology. Read More
Doubt cast on AI's readiness to assess pulmonary embolism
August 13, 2021 -- Investigators from Freiburg, Germany, have found artificial intelligence (AI) can't yet be relied upon to detect pulmonary embolism on CT pulmonary angiography in clinical practice. Read More
What the radiology Olympics might look like
August 12, 2021 -- Hot on the heels of Tokyo 2020, is now the time for radiology to stage its own Olympics? Dr. Giles Maskell thinks so, and he's come up with six potential events. Read More
Will more radiology training schemes lose accreditation?
August 11, 2021 -- The radiology training program at a major tertiary hospital in Sydney has lost its accreditation, according to a newspaper report posted on 11 August. The move raises fears that other programs might face a similar fate. Read More
Deep learning gives boost to hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis
August 11, 2021 -- Researchers have trained a deep-learning model to detect hepatocellular carcinoma on contrast-enhanced liver CT using over 7,500 patients. The algorithm -- called HCCNet -- yielded statistically comparable accuracy to three experienced radiologists. Read More