PET/MRI suite paces Philips ECR news
March 5, 2010 -- VIENNA - Philips Healthcare is highlighting a combined PET/MRI suite designed to produce fully registered images in its booth at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The company is also launching a new PET/CT scanner and a high-intensity focused ultrasound system.
Radiation exposure increases risk of breast cancer
March 4, 2010 -- VIENNA - A Dutch study presented at the European Congress of Radiology this week has raised questions over the relationship between the risk of breast cancer in high-risk women and their exposure to radiation from a young age.
High pitch equals low dose in coronary CT angiography
March 4, 2010 -- VIENNA - High-pitch dual-source CT exams can evaluate the coronary arteries using about a third of the dose of even prospectively triggered exams, according to a study presented in Thursday's cardiac sessions of the European Congress of Radiology.
Regional RIS/PACS maximizes radiology service in Spain
March 4, 2010 -- VIENNA - A region-wide RIS/PACS in Spain has enabled an area with a low population density and a shortage of radiologists to provide appropriate imaging services for all of its citizens, according to a presentation Thursday at the European Congress of Radiology.
DWI-MRI shows value against PET/CT for oncology
March 4, 2010 -- VIENNA - Diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI-MRI) stacks up well against PET/CT in a variety of oncology applications, such as tumor staging and the assessment of metastatic disease, according to presentations on the opening day of the European Congress of Radiology.
1.5-tesla MRI pinpoints, stages testicular masses
March 4, 2010 -- MRI is an efficient diagnostic tool to evaluate testicular masses and accurately differentiate between benign and malignant intratesticular tumors, according to a study published in the March issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.
320-row CT minimizes dose in pediatric abdominal studies
March 3, 2010 -- It's no secret that CT radiation dose levels in children -- especially in the emergency department, where patients are fidgety and physicians need fast answers -- are too high. One solution, investigated by researchers from Toronto and Berlin, is wide-area-detector scans with 320-detector-row CT.
Breast MRI excels at high-risk screening; mammo not needed
February 26, 2010 -- Breast MRI is three times as accurate as other modalities for diagnosing breast cancer early in high-risk women, and it's so good that mammography isn't needed for annual screening of these women, according to a new study by German researchers published online this week in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
FFDM and CAD find smaller breast tumors
February 26, 2010 -- Full-field digital mammography (FFDM) can facilitate increased detection of smaller tumors compared to conventional mammography. But adding computer-aided detection (CAD) technology to FFDM can yield even better results, according to researchers at the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo, Spain.
CT blood-flow measurement gauges stenosis severity
February 26, 2010 -- 64-detector-row CT has sufficient temporal resolution to measure blood flow through the heart, offering the promise of a new functional test based on CT alone, according to a proof-of-concept study by German researchers.
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