CT proves best in foiling cocaine smugglers
December 1, 2010 -- CHICAGO - The best way to detect illicit cocaine smuggling by body packing "mules" may be to perform CT scans of the suspects, reported a forensic radiologist at a 2010 RSNA press briefing in Chicago.
DNA damage reduced at 320-slice coronary CTA
November 29, 2010 -- CHICAGO - Low-dose coronary CT angiography (CTA) delivered far less DNA damage than conventional coronary angiography, researchers from Berlin reported on Monday at the RSNA meeting's cardiac imaging sessions.
Preoperative breast MRI doesn't raise overall mastectomy rate
November 28, 2010 -- CHICAGO - Increased use of preoperative breast MRI does not raise the overall mastectomy rate, according to researchers from the University of Genoa in Italy -- good news as the modality comes under scrutiny as a tool for diagnosing and managing breast cancer in high-risk populations.
FDG-PET/CT, MRI can help assess stem cell transplant response
November 28, 2010 -- CHICAGO - While FDG-PET/CT may be more suitable for early response detection of bone involvement after stem cell transplantation, whole-body MRI can be an "additional predictive marker" for long-term evaluation, according to a study presented Sunday at the RSNA annual meeting.
CAD boosts new readers in diagnosing stenosis on CCTA
November 28, 2010 -- CHICAGO - Computer-aided detection (CAD) software can improve the diagnosis of stenosis on coronary CT angiography (CCTA), although the level of performance gain varies by level of reader experience, according to research presented Sunday at the 2010 RSNA meeting in Chicago.
Fully automated gating: A new era for PET?
November 25, 2010 -- A fully automated algorithm that can extract a respiratory signal from raw PET data has the potential to make gating a more convenient -- and, therefore, more widely adopted -- utility in clinical PET, according to an article published in Medical Physics.
Tomosynthesis uncovers occult scaphoid fractures
November 24, 2010 -- Digital radiography tomosynthesis shows promise for diagnosing acute scaphoid wrist fractures that can lead to severe complications when missed with conventional radiography, according to a pilot study published online November 6 in the journal Skeletal Radiology.
Mammo screening reduces death rate in medium-risk women
November 19, 2010 -- Yearly mammography in women in their 40s with a medium familial risk of breast cancer can reduce the mortality rate by almost 30%, according to new research published online November 18 in Lancet.
Breast MRI improves survival rates for at-risk women
November 17, 2010 -- Breast MRI's sensitivity is superior to that of mammography in long-term screening for women at risk of breast cancer, according to a new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. What's more, the study showed that breast MRI improved survival rates by almost 20% when compared to women tracked in earlier research.
Access trumps sophistication in bid to bring CT to Africa
November 4, 2010 -- A new program called CT for Africa aims to address global disparities in access to healthcare by making advanced imaging technology such as CT available in developing countries. The firm that launched the program, GE Healthcare, is delivering low-cost CT units to areas that previously only had access to radiography.
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