New software facilitates mining of image data
May 24, 2010 -- Images stored on PACS networks contain a veritable treasure trove of information that could be invaluable in research and clinical practice. To gain easier access to those nuggets, researchers from Luxembourg have developed a software framework that facilitates data mining from DICOM image headers.
U.K. oncology center learns lessons with tomotherapy adoption
May 18, 2010 -- How does a busy radiation oncology department adopt and implement a new treatment technology with which it has no prior experience? Through careful planning, effective teamwork, and ample time allocated for training and development of a rigorous quality assurance program.
CR-based digital mammography beats analog for screening
May 11, 2010 -- In the push to convert to digital mammography, many facilities are using computed radiography (CR)-based systems as an interim step. But just how well does CR mammography compare to traditional analog imaging in a screening environment?
Lung CAD performs best as second reader
May 7, 2010 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) software yields a higher level of sensitivity for identifying lung nodules as a second reader than when used concurrently during image interpretation, according to research from the University of Verona in Italy.
FAST recommended first for kids with blunt abdominal trauma
May 7, 2010 -- In many emergency departments, CT exams are the imaging study most frequently ordered for patients admitted with blunt abdominal trauma. However, pediatric surgeons and radiologists from Germany recommend that ultrasound combined with clinical assessment is just as effective, thus avoiding radiation exposure.
VC shows high diagnostic yield after failed colonoscopy
May 6, 2010 -- Virtual colonoscopy finds significant pathology in patients referred after failed colonoscopy, according to a study presented at the Digestive Disease Week meeting in New Orleans. The results show the need for a complete colon exam and highlight VC's strengths in detecting extracolonic abnormalities.
FDG-PET/CT detects recurrence of colorectal cancer
May 5, 2010 -- FDG-PET/CT has a "significant role" in characterizing suspected colorectal cancer recurrence at an early stage, according to a study presented by U.K. researchers at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting this week in San Diego.
Flexible sigmoidoscopy of dubious value after VC
May 4, 2010 -- The yield of additional pathological findings was quite low in a group of symptomatic patients who underwent flexible sigmoidoscopy after virtual colonoscopy screening, according to a poster presentation at this week's Digestive Disease Week meeting in New Orleans.
Breast MRI improves cancer staging for newly diagnosed women
May 3, 2010 -- Contrast-enhanced breast MRI finds breast lesions missed on mammography and ultrasound, and can help surgeons plan the best surgical treatment, improving patient outcomes, according to a study presented at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting this week in San Diego.
CAD, PACS pairing boosts lung nodule detection, saves time
April 30, 2010 -- The use of computer-aided detection (CAD) technology as a concurrent reader on PACS workstations can improve the performance of inexperienced readers in detecting lung nodules, according to a study from Catholic University in Rome.
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