RIS/PACS integration with personal EHR can be a tough task
April 5, 2010 -- Interest is percolating in the use of personal electronic health records (EHRs). But integrating radiology images and information with these records may be a difficult hurdle to clear, if the experience of Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany is any indication.
Simulation can replace sedation for pediatric MRI exams
April 2, 2010 -- Having an MRI exam can be a frightening experience for both adults and children. Getting a pediatric patient to remain motionless during the procedure often requires sedation. But when given the chance to have a realistic, simulated MRI procedure in advance, children as young as 4 may voluntarily cooperate.
Blood infection risk extremely low with VC
March 31, 2010 -- The risk of bloodstream infections such as bacteremia leading to endocarditis is extremely low in virtual colonoscopy -- in fact, infection rates are probably even lower than in conventional colonoscopy, say researchers from Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S.
Shorter EBRT course works well for epithelial disease
March 31, 2010 -- As the sun-worshiping baby boomer generation ages throughout the world, the incidence of epithelial cancer is increasing. For patients with this skin disease, electron beam radiation therapy (EBRT) provides an excellent alternative to surgery, according to a new study published online in Radiotherapy and Oncology.
Heart rate key to image quality in low-dose coronary CTA
March 29, 2010 -- Heart rate control is an important factor for success in prospectively gated coronary CT angiography (CTA). But once patients are beta-blocked, the success rate is high and the doses are uniformly low, according to a new study by Swiss researchers.
Mammography advocates weigh in on Nordic study
March 26, 2010 -- Proponents of screening mammography have been quick to criticize a study published this week by Norwegian and Danish scientists that claims there's no evidence that mammography screening for breast cancer has any effect on death rates.
Diverticular disease favors prone over supine VC images
March 26, 2010 -- Diverticular disease, an unfortunate result of low-fiber Western diets that increases in incidence with age to burden most of the elderly population, has a friend in virtual colonoscopy. That's because VC generally provides an easier colon exam for both patient and provider than conventional colonoscopy.
CAD offers value in detecting pulmonary embolism
March 26, 2010 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) technology can offer significant clinical value in diagnosing acute pulmonary embolism, if a recent study presented at the 2010 European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria, is any indication.
SNM warns of 'significant disruptions' in Mo-99 supply
March 22, 2010 -- With a confluence of nuclear reactor shutdowns around the world this week, SNM is warning nuclear medicine practitioners to brace for the "one of the most significant disruptions ever in the supply of molybdenum-99" (Mo-99) from March 21 to April 11.
Closer follow-up reduces postmammography diagnosis delays
March 22, 2010 -- For low-income women with abnormal mammograms, using a case management approach for follow-up is an effective tool that can deliver a more timely diagnostic resolution, according to a study published online March 16 in the Archives of Internal Medicine.
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