CT adds fuels to debate over pharaoh's death in ancient Egypt
February 22, 2021 -- CT has offered fresh clues about the killing of a significant pharaoh who ruled Egypt around 3,600 years ago. Experts now believe Seqenenre Taa II -- known as "the Brave" -- was killed in an execution ceremony after being taken prisoner on the battlefield. Read More
3D models enable custom treatment of complex acetabular fractures
February 22, 2021 -- Virtual 3D models created from CT data can be utilized for surgical planning and providing patient-specific treatments for complex acetabular fractures, according to recent research. Read More
European Commission gives OK to big Siemens/Varian deal
February 19, 2021 -- The European Commission (EC) has given its blessing to the bid by Siemens Healthineers to acquire radiation oncology firm Varian Medical Systems. The EC approved the deal after Siemens gave assurances that it would keep its systems open to third parties. Read More
Brazilian group finds value in lung ultrasound for COVID-19
February 19, 2021 -- Brazilian researchers found that a scoring system based on lung ultrasound scans could predict intubation, death, and other negative outcomes in COVID-19 patients, according to a recent study published in Annals of Intensive Care. Read More
German study scrutinizes economics of MRI for dense breasts
February 18, 2021 -- A German study has shown that in high-risk breast cancer patients, MR mammography is a cost-effective alternative to mammography in a yearly screening setting. Read More
Report: U.K. lung screening study is catching cancers early
February 17, 2021 -- Initial results from a CT lung cancer screening study sponsored by the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) show that low-dose CT exams could detect 70% of lung cancers at stage I or II, according to a report in the Guardian. Read More
Spanish researchers tie midlife heart disease to Alzheimer's
February 17, 2021 -- Researchers from Spain have used PET to discover that individuals in their 50s with signs of cardiovascular disease also have reduced brain metabolism in areas connected with Alzheimer's disease. The findings provide a link between brain and heart health. Read More
Paris research team uses MRI to show COVID-19's impact on eyes
February 16, 2021 -- A group of investigators from France has used MRI to investigate the impact that COVID-19 can have on the eyes in cases of more severe disease. The findings could indicate the need to screen COVID-19 patients for ophthalmological manifestations. Read More
Smashing the magnetic field strength dogma in MRI
February 16, 2021 -- The field-strength question has divided the MR community since the early 1980s. Where do we stand now and what might the future hold? The Maverinck investigates in a new column. Read More
U.K. team backs shorter MRI exam for prostate cancer screening
February 15, 2021 -- A research team from Imperial College London has reported that a short, biparametric MRI protocol without contrast detected twice as many clinically significant prostate cancers compared with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing. The authors published their results on 11 February in JAMA Oncology. Read More