Scottish radiologist staffing crisis flares up again
September 28, 2018 -- The radiologist staffing crisis in the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland flared up again this week, with several physicians saying the staffing problems are part of a "bullying culture" within the NHS Highland system.  Discuss
Italians identify key PET marker for memory problems
September 28, 2018 -- Italian researchers may have discovered a reliable clinical marker that links levels of amyloid deposits in the brain with increased episodic memory impairment through florbetaben-PET imaging, according to a 22 September study in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.  Discuss
AI algorithm predicts need for mental therapy
September 28, 2018 -- German researchers led a team that used an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to analyze MR images and behavioral data of people at high risk of psychosis or with depression. The algorithm was able to predict whether the individuals would need mental therapy, according to results published online on 26 September in JAMA Psychiatry.  Discuss
NELSON gives Europeans go-ahead for CT lung screening
September 27, 2018 -- CT lung cancer screening got a big boost this week from researchers in the Dutch-Belgian Randomized Lung Cancer Screening (NELSON) trial, who at the 2018 World Conference on Lung Cancer in Toronto reported a 26% mortality reduction for men in the trial. The findings could give the green light to CT lung screening in Europe.  Discuss
New device can measure PET radiotracer concentration
September 27, 2018 -- Static PET images enable a qualitative assessment of the distribution of a radiotracer, but to improve disease prediction, a more quantitative approach is required. A retired radiation oncologist and an electrical engineer have joined forces to develop a clinically useful device.  Discuss
Why radiology must take care when it comes to AI
September 26, 2018 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) is mindless, and this is a fundamental flaw, writes the Maverinck. There is no objectivity or neutrality in AI, and it's not a real science; it's closer to online gambling and tinkering than creating a fundamentally reliable support system for highly specific tasks, he argues.  Discuss
Parizel quits Europe, heads Down Under
September 26, 2018 -- One of the best-known European radiologists, Dr. Paul M. Parizel, PhD, is to leave his post at Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium. From January, he will combine an academic position as a full professor at the University of Western Australia with a part-time appointment at Royal Perth Hospital.  Discuss
How can PACS functionality be improved?
September 25, 2018 -- PACS has come a long way since it was first adopted in the early 1980s. But PACS software developers still need to address important technological limitations that can have a negative impact on user experience, according to research published on 17 September in the Journal of Digital Imaging.  Discuss
Dutch give fresh impetus to postmortem imaging
September 25, 2018 -- A new Dutch study has shown minimally invasive autopsy performs as well as traditional autopsy in the clinical setting -- and in some cases even better. Also, the research revealed unexpected findings in 1 in 5 postmortem patients, underlining the continuing need for autopsy.  Discuss
ESR survey reveals trainees’ concerns over work safety
September 24, 2018 -- Over a third of European radiology trainees are dissatisfied with work safety in hospitals, and many believe there’s plenty of room for improvement, a European Society of Radiology (ESR) survey of more than 1,000 trainees has found. They're also concerned about the limited job mobility in radiology, and many of them lack confidence in the training they're receiving.  Discuss
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