Maskell: Demand management for radiology isn't our problem
November 15, 2022 -- Coping with the increasing demand for imaging is very much our problem, but limiting this demand is largely down to the actions of others elsewhere in the healthcare system, writes Dr. Giles Maskell. Read More
PET/CT proves value in guiding breast cancer therapy
November 15, 2022 -- FDG-PET/CT can help guide therapy in breast cancer, particularly in distant disease staging and treatment response assessment, the leading Austrian researcher Dr. Katja Pinker-Domenig told a hybrid imaging event on 11 November. Read More
Inquest focuses on radiologist who missed subdural hematoma
November 14, 2022 -- A U.K. coroner's investigation into the case of a man who died nine days after a fall has heard that the teleradiologist failed to identify a subdural hematoma, according to a media report from the inquest held on 11 November. Read More
Swiss team shows PET/CT's promise in malignant melanoma cases
November 14, 2022 -- F-18 FDG-PET/CT imaging is a better choice than ultrasound for detecting both lymph node and abdominal metastases in patients with malignant melanoma, Swiss investigators have found. Read More
Can radiographer reporting play a wider role in lung cancer?
November 11, 2022 -- Radiographers can help fill the gaps in cancer care due to growing shortages of senior radiologists by rapidly reporting the chest x-rays of patients with suspected lung cancer, according to a U.K. study. Read More
Heidelberg group uses microscopy technique to map cancer cells
November 10, 2022 -- Investigators from the German Cancer Research Center have created a molecular microscopy technique that maps the spread of breast cancer at the cellular level. They published their findings on 9 November in Nature. Read More
Evaluation underlines value of breast AI as extra reader
November 9, 2022 -- New clinical evidence has shown the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cancers missed by human readers and boost detection rates without recalling extra false positives, according to a European research team. Read More
Solving the diagnostic dilemma posed by heterotopic pregnancy
November 9, 2022 -- The successful recognition of heterotopic pregnancy -- a rare complication, but one with the potential for significant morbidity and mortality -- begins with awareness of its imaging features and understanding of the diagnostic challenges, Australian researchers have reported. Read More
Tribunal suspends radiologist for serious misconduct
November 8, 2022 -- A U.K. medical tribunal has recommended a six-month suspension for an interventional radiologist in London, Dr. Luke Morgan-Rowe, who admitted that he dishonestly claimed payment for overtime. He now has the right to appeal against the ruling. Read More
Parachutes, belief, and intellectual curiosity
November 8, 2022 -- More resources need to be invested into rigorous and independent research to generate the evidence to support what we do in radiology, writes Dr. Chris Hammond in a new column. Read More