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With all the attention paid to healthcare data security these days, it's hard to believe that some institutions would leave their DICOM image servers unprotected. Nonetheless, more than 800 DICOM image servers worldwide are fully open to communication with outside computers, according to research presented at last week's ECR 2016 in Vienna.

What else did the team from Massachusetts General Hospital find? Click here for all the details.

Cloud computing can offer many potential benefits -- as well as concerns -- for PACS in Europe, according to another presentation at this year's congress. You can access our coverage here.

While mobile devices can be used in certain diagnostic applications, they are also particularly well-suited to share images with colleagues for collaboration. This practice does raise important security concerns, however, according to a presentation at ECR 2016. Click here to learn more.

Debates on cloud computing and mobile devices also were included among's Top 5 trends at ECR 2016. Click here for that article.

Also, learn more about new healthcare IT software introductions at this year's congress.

In her latest column, contributing writer Dr. Neelam Dugar discusses the need to provide clinicians, oncologists, and radiologists with instantaneous access to patients' full consolidated imaging and report histories from across the clinical network. You can access it in the PACS Digital Community or by clicking here.

Hammersmith Hospital in London was one of the real PACS pioneers, going filmless 20 years ago. To commemorate the occasion, Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward conducted a two-part video interview with Dr. Nicola Strickland, who was involved with the groundbreaking project from the beginning. In part 1, Dr. Strickland shares the PACS lessons that were learned during the experience, while part 2 features her thoughts on the benefits of well-planned imaging reporting networks.

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