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Mobile devices such as Apple's iPads continue to demonstrate their value in a wide range of clinical applications.

A Greek team recently compared the performance of the iPad 2 with traditional diagnostic displays and found no difference in accuracy for diagnosing thoracolumbar spine fractures on radiographs. They shared their findings at the recent annual meeting of the RSNA, and you can discover what else they concluded by visiting here.

Speaking of iPads, the utility of the popular tablets in radiology may even extend beyond image viewing tasks. Research presented at RSNA 2014 found it could also be utilized to control PACS workstation software, offering an improvement over the traditional mouse interface. Click here for the details.

In other featured articles this month in your PACS Community, learn how a new display calibration method is showing promise for improving the viewing of color images by clicking here.

The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers recently produced new standards for the provision of ultrasound service, and image management issues figured prominently. Click here for more information.

Germany recently updated its quality assurance guidelines, which now make reference to a new standard on acceptance and consistency testing of image display systems. Click here to learn more.

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