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As healthcare institutions mull over their future plans for archiving of medical images, they don't often consider the use of public cloud storage. While that reluctance is understandable given the obvious security concerns and technical issues in integrating this approach with existing PACS archives, a Portuguese group has devised a method it believes can handle the challenges.

A team from the University of Aveiro's bioinformatics group has developed a network architecture that would enable multiple providers to integrate their in-house PACS resources with outsourced archives on public cloud infrastructure. Learn how their approach can address security and image access concerns by visiting here.

Radiologists can find social media to be an invaluable tool for improving patient care, supporting education, and enhancing their visibility. However, imaging professionals must be aware of its potential pitfalls and be trained in how to use it both effectively and safely, according to another featured article this month in your PACS Digital Community.

Dr. Erik Ranschaert of the Jeroen Bosch teaching hospital in s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, discussed social media trends in radiology and shared tips on how radiologists can use social media in their practice at last week's Update in Medical Imaging congress in Bruges, Belgium. staff writer Frances Rylands-Monk has our coverage, which you can access here.

European radiologists considering relocating to the Middle East may be drawn by the prospects of lucrative financial packages and a high-quality lifestyle, but there are a number of issues to be aware of before making the move, according to another article from Ms. Rylands-Monk. Click here to learn more.

In other news, specialist certification has been getting easier in Germany. Find out the effect on the practice of radiology by visiting here.

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