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Patient waiting times are a hot topic these days in the U.K. National Health Service. And radiology is no exception.

Can initiatives such as PACS and teleradiology help lower waiting times for patients? Click here to find out.

We've also got coverage of a new position statement on teleradiology from the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). Last week in a 13-point statement, the RCR called for changes in how overseas doctors working for teleradiology companies are regulated.

They also have met with the U.K. General Medical Council, Care Quality Commission, and expressed their concerns to the Department of Health, as reported by Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward here.

The position statement has elicited some debate. Dr. George McInnes of the Telemedicine Clinic weighed in on the statement in a column for

In other featured articles this month in your PACS Digital Community, German Radiological Society President Dr. Norbert Hosten believes it's important to get creative on technology assessment.

Healthcare IT requires standardization and unification of systems, reaching well beyond PACS, according to Austrian PACS pioneer Dr. Walter Hruby. Learn more by clicking here.

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