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Are European radiologists actually using their mobile devices for clinical applications? Many of them are, if a recent survey by radiologist and mobile devices expert Dr. Erik Ranschaert is any indication.

In a presentation at ECR 2014, Ranschaert reported that 51% of the surveyed radiologists indicated they were using these devices for clinical purposes. He also discussed how mobile devices are creating new opportunities for image sharing and improving communication with clinicians and patients. Click here for our coverage.

Mobile devices were once again a hot topic at the annual meeting in Vienna. In another talk, Rachel Toomey of University College Dublin delved into the technical aspects users need to be aware of before deploying mobile devices for radiology applications. Click here for the details.

A German group reported success from using a mobile application to link a radiology department and a forensic pathology institute at two different locations, enabling forensic pathologists to view CT images and reports offline during autopsies. Click here to learn more.

In a pair of video interviews at ECR 2014, Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward spoke with Dr. Emanuele Neri and Dr. Ranschaert on a range of topics, including mobile devices.

The iPad was also shown to offer promise for mobile assessment of acute gastrointestinal bleeding.

In other featured articles this month in your PACS Digital Community, market analyst Stephen Holloway of IHS details why big data clouds are signaling the end of enterprise PACS storage.

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