Blackford showcases new products at RSNA 2013

Medical software developer Blackford Analysis is featuring a range of new products at RSNA 2013 in Chicago.

Blackford MatchedCrosshairs enhances any image viewer to allow users to click once on a location in any CT, MRI, or PET scan to find the same location in multiple scans from different time points and different modalities.

Blackford MatchedView enables any image viewer to automatically compensate for changes in patient position and acquisition planes between scans, automatically presenting views of compared exams in the same position and plane, and enabling like-for-like comparison, the company said.

Blackford AutoSync allows image viewers to perform slice synchronization across exams automatically, regardless of differences in acquisition protocol and patient positioning, so they can start reading immediately when compared exams are displayed.

Blackford Fusion lets image viewers display the accurate anatomical location of functional imaging findings by displaying fused views of exams from the same, hybrid, or complementary modalities.

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