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While the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative's Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I) integration profile supports image and report sharing between institutions, it's not well-suited for use in the public cloud due to security and patient privacy concerns. But a team of researchers from the University of Aveiro in Portugal may have found a way around that problem.

The group has developed a new approach, called XDS for Protected Imaging (XDS-Ï€), which enables XDS-I functions to be performed in the cloud, all while preserving data confidentiality and integrity. Find out how by visiting your PACS Digital Community or by clicking here.

In other PACS-related developments from the recent Medinfo 2013 meeting in Copenhagen, researchers from the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland have developed a smartphone app that can upload photos of patient injuries. The prototype app allows users to quickly add patient information, upload and annotate images, and share images with other users of the application. The images could also be exported to a patient record. Get the details here.

Speaking of smartphones, the number of medical imaging-related apps has exploded over the last year, tripling since January. But how useful are they? U.K. researchers recently took a close look and found both gems and those with questionable content. Learn more here.

German researchers assessed a third-generation iPad for the task of interpreting 3D CT studies. How did it compare with readings performed on a 3D PACS workstation? Click here to find out.

Finally, former British Institute of Radiology president Dr. Stephen Davies and current medical director of teleradiology firm Medica Reporting has contributed a column discussing the present and future trends for U.K. teleradiology.

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