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A regional colorectal cancer diagnostic network in Sweden is showing promise for improving the quality of radiological reporting in preoperative imaging of colorectal cancer patients.

Although still in its early phases, researchers are optimistic about the project, which facilitates double reading and expert consultation via an online server-based platform that connects to each participating institution's RIS/PACS. You can find out more about the Stockholm-Gotland region project by clicking here.

We also have plenty of other featured articles this month in your PACS Digital Community, including a preview of this week's German Radiology Congress (DRK 2013) in Hamburg.

There was also big news from the recent EU summit on e-healthcare, which established teleradiology as a medical act. That development was a big achievement, according to Dr. Jan Schillebeeckx, the Belgian radiologist who represented the European Society of Radiology at the meeting. You can get all the details in contributing writer Frances Rylands-Monk's coverage of the Dublin summit here.

What contributes to a great radiological report? Perhaps, when appropriate, a little touch of whimsy, according to columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie. In his latest submission, McCoubrie shares his thoughts on what has been lost in the never-ending focus on productivity. He also discusses how interruptions can be a good thing in an earlier column.

Respected radiologist Dr. Philip Gishen believes that teleradiology should be embraced by radiologists, not feared. Learn why in an article by contributing writer Becky McCall.

In another column, Dr. Neelam Dugar offers her perspective on distinguishing between teleradiologists and clinical radiologists. Also, find out how Finland is leveraging PACS to facilitate adoption of the Image Gently campaign to lower pediatric radiation dose exposure.

In addition, you can discover how Saudi Arabia is making great strides in healthcare IT in a new column from consultant Herman Oosterwijk.

If you have any tips or suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered in the PACS Digital Community, please feel free to drop me a line.

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