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Cloud technology has the potential to change access to diagnostic imaging, just as the technology of PACS and teleradiology have done. It offers the ability to inexpensively access and retrieve patient images from an external PACS to an institution or a healthcare enterprise network. The robustness of its security remains a concern to many users.

To resolve this problem, an informatics team from the Universidade de Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal, has developed a highly secure DICOM router and bridge. The Portuguese have been responsible for many innovations in medical imaging over the past few decades. Click here to learn more about this initiative that's under way.

Even though it's a mature technology, teleradiology still has tremendous growth potential in Russia. Contributing writer Dr. Oleg Pianykh explores the topic in this very interesting article.

Should a teleradiology service provide second opinions directly to patients? If you haven't read Associate Editor Frances Rylands-Monk's controversial article about the situation in the Netherlands, read it here.

PACS technology has contributed to making medical care more efficient at both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, currently under way in London and running until 9 September. Showing how much more resilient computer technology has become, a photo in this article shows how many PACS diagnostic workstations can function efficiently in a cramped work space without any air conditioning. That certainly wasn't the case a decade ago.

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