Predictom secures 21M euros for early Alzheimer's detection study

Predictom has secured 21 million euros for an AI-based, year-long European study that will include home-based Alzheimer's disease screening and risk assessments.

The study will be led by Prof. Dag Aarsland of Stavenger University Hospital in Norway. It will enroll more than 4,000 people to evaluate their biomarkers, including saliva, stool, digital markers, and blood (via prick-tests). These samples will be delivered to Predictom, which will use its cloud-based platform to process participants' data, integrating blood, cerebrospinal fluid, imaging, electrophysiological, and digital biomarkers, the hospital said. The company will then use AI algorithms to generate risk assessments and offer early diagnosis and prognosis.

Enrollees will be culled from research projects such as Protect UK, Protect Norway, and Radar-AD, Predictom said.

The study is part of Innovate Health Initiative, which consists of a consortium of 30 academic, business, and hospital partners. GE HealthCare has the leading industrial role in this consortium.

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