Aidence, AstraZeneca collaborate on AI for lung cancer diagnosis

2021 08 02 16 16 6192 Cancer Lung 3 D Black 400

Aidence has announced a strategic collaboration with AstraZeneca that will provide Aidence's artificial intelligence (AI) software to hospitals across Europe for early lung cancer diagnosis through detection and follow-up of incidental pulmonary nodules.

AstraZeneca will fund a pilot phase to implement Aidence's software in 2021 before expanding to a planned 25 to 30 European hospitals in 2022, with the support of an external steering committee.

This includes developing a protocol for an early lung cancer detection pathway through collaboration with scientific societies, establishing lung nodule clinics, supporting improved patient communication for follow-up, and educating healthcare practitioners and patients. Data assessing the impact of the software will be published periodically by the steering committee.

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