Median Technologies signs finance deal

2019 07 04 00 21 3668 Euros Bills 400

Imaging software developer Median Technologies has signed a finance agreement for 35 million euros to further develop its iBiopsy imaging phenomics platform.

Median is developing noninvasive imaging biomarkers through its proprietary iBiopsy platform to help identify certain chronic disease signatures, including those for cancer. The goal is to enhance early detection, quantification of disease severity, and disease monitoring, the company said.

The funds come from the European Investment Bank, supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments. The first distribution of 15 million euros is expected early next year, followed by allocations of 10 million euros in the coming years at Median's discretion.

The agreement involves the company repaying the financing in one installment at the end of a five-year period after the disbursement date.

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