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Despite all the news coverage over the last few years on the risk that cyberattacks pose to healthcare -- including radiology -- it appears that not everyone has gotten the message on the importance of security. Recent analysis by a German security firm found hundreds of unprotected PACS servers around the world that were easily accessible via a web browser or free software programs.

Although the majority of these servers were found in the U.S., over 90 were found in Europe. Find out which countries had the most unprotected PACS servers in our coverage of this analysis by Greenbone Networks, German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, and nonprofit journalism organization ProPublica.

Communication skills are always important. How can radiologists improve the quality, clarity, and impact of their letters to patients, referring physicians, and colleagues? The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists has produced a document that offers 10 tips, including being clear on why you're writing the letter. Read other letter-writing suggestions in Editor-in-Chief Philip Ward's article.

Swedish PACS provider Sectra has drawn attention for its strong performance recently in the global imaging IT market. In a recent column, Stephen Holloway of Signify Research reviews Sectra's strategy and offers his thoughts on the company's future outlook.

Early adoption of radiology business-intelligence software has taken place in a number of European countries, and demand for the technology is expected to increase in the coming years. Implementation will vary significantly, however, between individual countries, according to Ulrik Kristensen, PhD, also of Signify Research. He explored the nuances that will drive or inhibit adoption of medical imaging business intelligence in a recent column.

Radiologists can play a crucial role in the transition to a fully digital healthcare system, but they must think of and understand themselves as digital avant-garde, according to a German technology guru. This is important, as radiologists will be among the first to be affected by the fast-approaching disruption of the healthcare system, said Sascha Lobo.

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