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Terms of service

Creating a case using the PeBLS system implies agreement with all terms listed below:


  1. Individually identifiable patient health information must be removed before submission to this system. De-identified health information neither identifies nor provides a reasonable basis to identify an individual. HIPAA does not restrict the use or disclosure of de-identified health information.
  2. Identifying includes physical characters of the patient such as birthmarks, faces, tattoos, etc.
  3. You take full responsibility for any and all copyright considerations for material uploaded.
  4. If you enable the sharing feature you understand that anyone will be able to view the case material.
  5. This system is intended for medical education material.
  6. We reserve the right to remove any case material.
  7. System/service updates can occur at any time. If you observe unexpected behavior please contact us.
  8. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notification.

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