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Digital breast tomosynthesis-guided biopsies are fast becoming a more attractive option. That’s the key finding of a new analysis from Madrid. Get the full story in today’s top article

Have you ever heard of the Mickey Mouse, picket fence, tattoo, comet, and other signs in breast imaging? Getting to know them can aid interpretation, cut errors, and avoid unnecessary investigations, according to award-winning research presented at RSNA 2023. 

In other news, researchers from Turkey are convinced that an AI model can accurately predict malignancy on breast ultrasound based on BI-RADS assessment. The technique showed comparable performance to that of radiologists and can help avoid unnecessary biopsies and follow-up exams. 

A group from the world-famous Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has also presented their findings on breast AI. Don’t miss our report

In another top story, Italian investigators have reported that contrast-enhanced mammography confirms the effectiveness of ultrasound-guided cryoablation and can serve as a reliable annual follow-up exam.

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