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Abbreviated MRI involves a shorter, abbreviated-protocol MRI examination. Understandably, it appears to be gaining wider acceptance for breast screening, in which the emphasis is on volume scanning and efficient workflow.

The technique is highly effective and is the preference of many women, researchers reported at the recent Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiology (RANZCR) annual scientific meeting. Importantly, the new study confirms abbreviated MRI works and is popular, commented Dr. Christiane Kuhl, who has championed abbreviated MRI for nearly a decade.

Major change is underway in the global market for breast imaging equipment. Today's second article comprises a roundup from analyst Bhvita Jani, who assesses the impact of the pandemic and looks at the key trends and drivers.

Dr. Sylvia Heywang‑Köbrunner is a highly respected breast radiologist with a fine track record in the field, and her research always deserves a close look. Last week she published an article about combining digital breast tomosynthesis with synthesized 2D mammography. Don't miss our news report.

Vasa previa is a rare but potentially catastrophic cause of antepartum hemorrhage and can result in fetal death, but a prenatal diagnosis can make a major impact on outcome, according to Australian investigators. They found that audits can help to raise awareness of the condition.

Abdominal pain occurs relatively often in pregnancy, and interpretation of acute abdominal pathology in an obstetric patient on MRI is becoming an increasingly valuable skill for on-call radiologists, asserted the authors of a novel investigation. Following a simple three-step approach can lead to notable improvements in the diagnosis of appendicitis in pregnant women, they wrote.

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