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What's the best imaging protocol for younger women who are at higher risk of breast cancer? Currently, these women often receive annual surveillance with mammography, and the radiation risk can accumulate over time. Is there a better way?

Perhaps, according to a presentation at the recent UK Imaging & Oncology Congress. Heather Mower, an advanced practitioner radiographer from the Northern Devon Healthcare National Health Service, discussed the radiation risk to younger women of annual mammography surveillance and offered some alternatives.

In other news in women's imaging, a watchdog in the U.K. released a report that expressed deep concerns about the state of medical imaging services in the country. At least one of the cases involved a patient with breast cancer.

Another case that made headlines in the U.K. involved a woman who was incorrectly diagnosed and received a mastectomy when she didn't actually have breast cancer. Meanwhile, researchers from Sweden examined the factors that can lead to the discovery of benign breast disease in women participating in screening mammography.

Canadian authors reported on their efforts to keep diagnostic mammography intervals short during the COVID-19 pandemic, and German researchers recently reported on their investigation of incidental breast lesions found on thoracic CT studies acquired for other reasons.

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