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A suspected case of breast cancer in a lactating woman represents a real dilemma. How do you image her? Ultrasound is the gold standard, but could other modalities be used as well? German researchers have addressed this issue, and their results might surprise you. Read all about it.

One of the frequent complaints about mammography is it hurts, and if it hurts, women are less inclined to return for screening. The findings of a new study suggest that when women compress their own breasts, image quality doesn't suffer and they are more likely to come back for screenings in the future.

In other news, two prominent opponents of breast cancer screening have lost their positions recently. Dr. Peter Gøtzsche was removed from the governing board of the Cochrane (formerly known as the Cochrane Collaboration) just days after screening skeptic Dr. H. Gilbert Welch resigned from Dartmouth College over plagiarism allegations. Read more about what happened.

As the popularity of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) spreads, radiologists are asking: What are the ramifications for clinical practice? Interim analysis of a randomized controlled trial showed DBT took longer to read than digital mammography but had significantly lower recall rates. The Norwegian researchers also found no differences in radiation dose between the two techniques, thanks to the use of synthesized DBT images. Discover what else they found.

Also in your Women's Imaging Community, National Health Service (NHS) Scotland has announced nearly 1,800 women did not receive invitations to their final round of breast screening. Delays in the program meant 1,761 women were not invited for their final screen by the time they turned 71.

Last but not least, a new Danish-Norwegian study revives the claim that the recent drop in breast cancer mortality is not due to mammography screening but rather the result of improved treatment. The authors assert it's time to consider alternatives to mammography screening -- such as breast palpation by physicians. Do you agree? Please leave your comments in our Forums.

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