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Welcome to your latest edition of the Women's Imaging Insider. You'll find loads of new articles in the Women's Imaging Digital Community, including our latest story on the effects of benign breast surgery on mammography.

So much is discussed about surgery after malignant breast disease, but what about surgery for benign conditions, such as breast reduction surgery or an excisional biopsy? How does that affect mammography screening? Find out what Dutch researchers have to say.

"The benefits of mammography outweigh the harms of overdiagnosis." "No they don't." "Yes they do." Which is it? We recently reported on a study by a European panel that sheds more light on the topic. Researchers performed a comprehensive review of breast screening services across Europe, including information from 26 screening programs in 18 countries. Click here to read about what the panel found, and be sure to discuss your thoughts in our Forums.

Other stories you won't want to miss:

  • CAD is swiftly becoming more adept at catching what a radiologist may have missed on a mammogram. Does that mean it could eventually replace radiologists? Discover what Paris researchers conclude.

  • What to do with young BRCA1/2 gene mutation carriers? A new study in the British Medical Journal suggests using MRI to survey these women. While previous studies were based only on mammography or radiography, this study uses estimates of an individual's age-specific cumulative dose to the breast from various diagnostic radiation procedures as a measure of total diagnostic radiation exposure.

  • Uterine fibroids are a common problem for women, resulting in pain, menorrhagia, and impaired fertility. Uterine artery embolization is very often the procedure employed in these patients, and diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) MRI is a good index to measure changes due to therapy. Click here to read more.

Before you know it we'll be in October and then November, which means RSNA. Any research you want us to keep an eye on? Are you anticipating any results at the upcoming meeting? Drop me a line and will be sure to cover it.

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