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When it comes to suspected cases of axial spondyloarthritis, MRI can be of particular value. Spanish researchers have shared their experiences with us of this painful, chronic form of arthritis that mainly affects the joints of the spine and tends to present in young people in the form of chronic back pain. Find out more in today's special feature article.

Malta has experienced a significant rise in demand for MRI services over the past couple of years, largely due to a growing population. In response, the country's installed base of scanners is set to increase.

A few years ago, the prevailing view was that opting for a subspecialty is not a choice but a need for every radiologist. But has this trend gone too far? In a guest column, Dr. Chris Hammond makes a persuasive case for generalists. This is a complex topic requiring careful thought and full consideration, so this article is not a short, easy read. Nevertheless, it's an important issue to address.

In other news, an Irish team has reported that a point-of-care, web-based clinical decision support tool shows promise for not only reducing the incidence of inappropriate MR imaging but also cuts carbon emissions caused by unnecessary exams.

A group in New Zealand has used MRI to evaluate the effects of cannabis on the aging brain. They presented their findings at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, and our report on their work was the most viewed article on in 2023. Don't miss our video interview with Rebecca Lee.

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