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When it comes to endometriosis, MRI rules supreme, and it's particularly important for radiologists to know about the acute complications of endometriomas and to look out for characteristic T1-weighted fat-suppressed foci, say French experts in ob/gyn imaging.

The researchers from CHU Montpellier have shared their experiences of this area, including some impressive clinical images from three cases. Don't miss our news report posted today.

The use of silicone for cosmetic purposes appears to be growing fast, especially in developing countries, according to new work from Latin America. Radiologists must take these procedures into account and learn to recognize the images that they generate, the authors say. MRI can help warn the surgeon about the level of tissue compromise, show the affected planes and the approximate amount of biopolymers injected, and demonstrate their areas in the case of material migration, as shown by three original sets of photos and clinical images.

The London-based radiologist Dr. Simon Rees was a remarkable man. In addition to writing well-regarded textbooks, he helped out at Buckingham Palace, played a key role in treating the injured passengers from an air disaster, and adored the sporting life. Late in his career, he also taught himself about cardiac MRI.

Another U.K. radiologist, Prof. Fiona Gilbert, has vast experience in breast and oncology imaging, and she specializes in MRI. Along with Dr. Erika Denton and Prof. Amaka Offiah, PhD, she's given some practical research tips in a new free podcast.

What will Brexit mean for MRI manufacturers? Market analyst Steve Holloway has addressed this question in a timely article about the new trade deal between the European Union and the U.K. Although some aspects have become clearer, a degree of uncertainty persists, he says.

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