Update on MRI accident in Sweden | U.K. releases breast screening guidelines | Antoch on radiology's future

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Four weeks have passed since the serious MRI accident in Swedish Lapland, and several important questions remain unanswered.

For instance, what garment was the specialist nurse wearing that apparently caused him to be sucked into the scanner? How did an experienced person make such a seemingly basic safety error? Why weren't the security guards more aware of the potential dangers of carrying metallic tools in the scanning room? Were sufficient warnings on display? And how much damage has been caused to the machine?

Investigations into such incidents rarely come together swiftly, but the process seems to be moving ahead fairly well. Don't miss our update posted today.

The guidelines and leaflets produced by the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) generally contain a wealth of practical information, and they're freely available to everybody -- not just RCR members. This month's addition is about breast screening, and it's worth a close look in the Women's Imaging Community.

What do radiologists need to do to ensure their future success? Prof. Gerald Antoch, president of the German Röntgen Society, has some strong views on this subject, and he's shared them in an interview. Go to the Artificial Intelligence Community.

Most radiologists have come to the conclusion that artificial intelligence (AI) will only help them, but it's less clear what medical students think and whether their perceptions of AI affect their decision of whether to choose radiology as a specialty. Swiss researchers found that medical students tended to be far more pessimistic than radiologists about the effects of AI.

The momentum behind Lego MRI appears to be gathering pace. We've got a report about one such scheme that's proving popular.

Last but not least, a German team has looked closely at when screening should begin for those women with a family history of breast cancer. The group's findings might surprise you.

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